OCTA lauds gov't decision to re-implement ECQ in Metro Manila

Published July 30, 2021, 2:14 PM

by Ellalyn De Vera-Ruiz


Independent research group OCTA on Friday, July 30, lauded the national government for its decision to re-implement the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in the National Capital Region (NCR) from Aug. 6 to Aug. 20.

“OCTA supports the government’s decision to impose stricter measures in the NCR as a precautionary intervention to arrest the growing number of COVID-19 cases,” it said in a statement.

OCTA has been calling for the imposition of immediate and hard “circuit-breaker” lockdown to address the latest COVID-19 surge in NCR.

The group on Friday also lauded the government’s decision to accelerate the deployment of vaccines in Metro Manila.

“Now more than ever, we are faced with a significant challenge of reversing a surge in COVID-19 cases in the NCR. What makes this surge daunting is that the more contagious Delta variant may drive it,” it added.

OCTA urged local governments, the private sector, and communities in Metro Manila to work together to implement strategies to prevent the surge in cases from further accelerating.

“Our fellow citizens need to realize now the urgency of staying safe and vigilant to protect themselves, their families, and their communities. To this end, we implore our fellow citizens to strictly follow minimum health protocols and avoid non-essential travel and all forms of social gatherings outside of their family bubbles,” the group stressed.

It also asked the public to begin following the regulations set by their respective local government until the end of the ECQ on Aug. 20.

“We believe that what citizens will do in the next few days will be more important than any government intervention to address the surge in cases now happening in the NCR,” it said.