Korina Sanchez-Roxas gives fans a tour inside her stylish childhood home

Korina Sanchez-Roxas (Facebook)

Broadcaster Korina Sanchez-Roxas has opened up the doors to her parents' plush property, where she and her siblings grew up in.

One rainy day, Korina said on Instagram that her parents' house was transformed into a set for her magazine show "Rated Korina" recently.

Korina said that her mom, despite not having earned a degree in architecture or interior design, built her home from scratch.

"Talented lang talaga (She's talented)," said Korina about her mother Celia.

Korina also thanked her parents for building a wonderful home for the family.

Her full post on IG:

"Raining on shoot day. Where to find a location??? Aha moment. My Mom and Dad’s beautiful home, yes, the home we grew up in. Always available for emergencies!

"My Mom was a domestic diva cum Renaissance woman. Celia built her home from scratch with hard-earned income, and practically did the architecture and interiors —- without the degree. Talented Lang talaga.

"You’re invited to swipe through her dream house, which my brothers and I have carefully preserved through the decades. Hope you appreciate her taste for Asian antiques and carpets (our family business for a long time). And take note of the fabulous mother of pearl jnlay bench by the foyer. Watch Rated Korina this weekend as I use da house of Mader Dir as my set haha!

"Thank you for this home, Mom and Dad.