Desiree del Valle warns followers on post office scam

Published July 30, 2021, 5:01 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Actress Desiree del Valle recently shared with fans a new scamming scheme she discovered.

Apparently, she received a text message informing her that a parcel is ready for delivery to her home and she has to confirm shipping details.

“They will ask if delivery to your home or pick up then will ask ur personal info Name, number etc then will ask you to pay the 58 pesos fee for the transaction using ur credit card?!!!?!??!!,” she said about the link attached to the message.

Desiree said she actually called the number and even messaged back, but the other line dropped her call.

“Just goes to show that this is a SCAM and I know I am not expecting any kind of delivery nor ordered that will have to go thru the postal service. #SCAM,” she added.

Prior, the Philippine Postal Corporation warned about phishing websites that impersonate their agency by using fake delivery notices and text messages to extract personal data.

“Please do not give or disclose any personal information to anonymous and unofficial websites or messages you receive online or via email,” they said.