James Reid to star in his very own K-Drama?

James Reid

It’s no secret that Pinoys love watching K-Dramas. So it’s no surprise many spend hours binging and waiting at the edge of their seats for the next episode or season to roll over.

But with hundreds (if not thousands) of K-Dramas now available on your favorite streaming services, some tend to lose it’s cool – making it feel like after you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

That is, until James Reid enters the scene and gives your typical K-Drama scene a ‘mas cool’ twist with Mountain Dew Ice! The Filipino-Australian heartthrob recently transformed into an oppa (with speaking line in Korean!) in a kilig-filled scene in Mountain Dew Ice’s latest online video. He even temporarily swapped his now signature wavy locks to a very Itaewon-esque bowl cut!

James’ K-Drama inspired parody is part of Mountain Dew Ice’s new campaign “Mas Cool ‘Pag May Ice” where it vows to make anything “mas cool” by putting ICE in it. And in this case, K-Drama is transformed into a K-DEWrama thanks to Mountain Dew Ice.

Check out the video and James’s new hairdo on the Mountain Dew Philippines official channel on YouTube. For more details, visit Mountain Dew Philippines on Facebook and @mountaindewph on Instagram.