Chinese General Hospital issues warning on COVID-19 Delta variant

Published July 27, 2021, 5:19 PM

by Manila Bulletin

The newly mutated COVID-19 Delta variant, which originated from India, has reached the country and is deadlier, more contagious, and difficult to identify. This is according to Dr. James G. Dy, president and CEO of Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center. Dy issued the warning as cases of the new variant continue to rise.

As of press time, the Philippines has more than a hundred local cases and there are already Delta variant-related fatalities. Indonesia has among the highest cases of deaths related to COVID-19 Delta variant in Asia. This new variant is continuously affecting different countries globally.

“I would like to strictly remind everyone to stay at home if possible. If you cannot avoid going out, always wear a facemask together with face shield while inside a hospital facility, or when going out and coming back from your places of residence. Immediately take a shower and change your clothes upon arriving home and whenever coming from outside to protect your family members,” said Dy. He added: “Remember to avoid crowded public places, and strictly observe social distancing by keeping at least one-meter distance from people at all times.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people should wear masks to prevent the virus from spreading.

“As a responsible individual, we should be keenly aware of our own individual responsibility to protect ourselves and others against the spread of the virus by strictly observing existing health protocols. To those unvaccinated individuals, you should take any available vaccines in your health facilities to avoid severe or critical symptoms of COVID-19. Little protection is better than no protection at all.”

Current measures practiced across the world to reduce transmission includes frequent hand washing, having good ventilation, avoiding crowded places or closed settings, and masking up, These measures are effective in reducing the amount of viral transmission and, therefore, also lessens the opportunities for the virus to mutate.

“Your continued personal vigilance against getting infected spells the difference between life and death for you, your family, and the whole community in this time of pandemic. Always keep safe and continue to be pro-active in observing all health measures to stay protected at all times,” the doctor stressed.