Call of duty: Off-duty PCG man lauded after chasing phone snatcher

Published July 27, 2021, 5:52 PM

by Richa Noriega

An off-duty Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) marshal was lauded for his bravery after he chased a man who allegedly snatched the mobile phone of a female commuter in a busy bus station in Makati City on Monday, July 26.

While getting off a bus in Ayala station en route to his home, off-duty PCG Apprentice Seaman (ASN) Aljohn Gamul responded to the call for help of a female commuter whose cellphone was apparently snatched.

Without having second thoughts, Gamul said he chased the unidentified snatcher who had already started running away from the bus station.

The chase lasted for almost half an hour, with both Gamul and the snatcher passing through the narrow alleys of Ayala, until the weary snatcher gave up and decided to throw the phone away to distract Gamul.

The PCG personnel then picked up the phone and returned it to the victim while the snatcher made good of his escape.

The I-ACT and Coast Guard commended Gamul for his act of bravery and commitment to law enforcement duty.