Ping Medina begs for monetary assistance, earns mixed reaction

Ping Medina celebrated his 38th birthday on July 23.

It wasn't a happy one.

Apparently, the actor is in dire need of monetary assistance.

He took advantage of his birthday to reach out to fans via social media to ask for help.

Ping related how he lost money in sabong.

He related, "I tried being a sabong agent last month. My master agent asked me for money to keep our account going.

"I also had a player who would spend 10k a day so when she asked for an advance I thought she was good for it. They both haven't paid me.

"Exact amount is 36k. That's my business' rent money and 2 months amortized rent for my condo this coming Aug 1. I don't know when they will pay."

But why did he invest on something seemingly unstable?

Ping shared that it was due to his primary business losing money as well.

"The second ECQ killed physical store sales at Bulilith Smoked Sausages. Customer traffic is starting to normalize but there were 3 months of people not wanting to go out.

"I needed another source of income. Unfortunately, sabong found me..."

He is now hoping fans would save him from the predicament he is in.

"I'm publicly begging for birthday donations. For me. Doesn't matter if it's 1 or 1000 pesos. Please know that you extending a helping hand is the most important gesture here..."

Some were quick to offer their sympathies.

Others deemed the move pathetic.

Some of the comments:

"You should've been wiser..."

"Ask for work, not money..."

"Sabong is sugal and just like any sugarol u shud learn to accept loss, don't beg..."