BTS on Billboard winning streak, being special envoys and gunning for a Grammy

BTS on the 'SBS Eight O'Clock News' (Twitter)

K-pop superstars BTS discussed their recent success on Billboard Hot 100 with “Butter” and “Permission to Dance,” and their aim in taking on the role as special presidential envoys of Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Korean news program “SBS Eight O'Clock News” held an exclusive interview with BTS where the group talked about a variety of things.

Last week, BTS copped their eighth straight week at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 with “Permission to Dance” topping the chart after “Butter” reigned on it for seven weeks.

“Actually, it’s a little bit like a dream, really. It's because of the timing but actually, when the song 'Butter' was released, we did not expect it to be number one for seven weeks in a row. I would like to say that I am most grateful to everyone who listened to the song and especially to ARMYs,” said RM.

Billboard reported last week that “Permission to Dance” replacing “Butter” at No. 1 is the third time that happened after Drake’s “In My Feelings” replaced “Nice for What” while “Nice for What” replaced “God’s Plan” previously.

“I got to know this through the internet,” said Jin. “Once we were able to do such things, our fans and ARMYs, it is thanks to you. Yes, thank you so much for listening to our music. I will say thank you and I will work really hard to repay you.”

On incorporating sign language in the choreography for “Permission to Dance,” J-Hope said, “As you said, we choreographed the choreography by grafting international sign language, and we used it to make a music video and they even showed off the stage. In fact, it is a positive message to many people around the world. We chose international sign language because we wanted to give you energy and something comforting and hopeful.”

Recently, BTS and YouTube kicked off the “Permission to Dance” Challenge where everyone can upload a 15-second dance to YouTube Shorts until Aug. 14.

J-Hope explained, “This is a challenge that we started again because we want many people around the world to dance happily together. In fact, we also have the energy we get from communicating and interacting with the audience while performing, but in fact, during the long pandemic, we, I guess, were kinda thirsty for something there too. So, through this challenge, enjoy something with many people, quench your thirst, and give you good positive hope and energy.”

The host mentioned about Suga’s prophecy, saying, “They say that if Suga prophesies, everything will come true, is there only one Grammy left?”

“If possible, be nominated one more time . I still have the desire to try it. And I want to receive it,” said Suga.

The host also mentioned the comparison between “Permission to Dance” and Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World.”

“First of all, we really like ‘Heal the World’ because it is a legendary song. Such a question itself is a very honorable thing, and it is difficult for us to face anything, it is difficult for people to gather, and in fact, there are many, in fact, many restrictions on our lives as people. There are a lot of thoughts about what kind of situation we are in need of permission, I heard it, while listening to this song. During the performance, many people gathered together. I want to see them dance and jump while listening to a song together,” said RM.

In BTS’ “BE” album released last year, there is a song titled “Blue & Grey.”

“This song is now for us and everyone,” said V. “It's a situation that no one expected. So, in the same situation where our work was canceled and our schedules were all canceled, we also had a feeling of emptiness, and depression and anxiety suddenly arose. It's now called ‘Blue & Grey’ for anxiety and melancholy.”

The host also asked Jungkook how he overcame depression during the pandemic. Jungkook said, “Once the plan was clearly done, it collapsed in an instant. So there was a time when I couldn't even get it to work and I really wanted to let go of something. But for sure, seeing our fans or the members next to me gives me strength again, naturally.”

“Permission to Dance” contains the lyrics “'Cause when we fall, we know how to land.” Suga explained, “I've said a few times that I'm afraid of falling, but not afraid of landing, but the difference between this crash and landing is that landing means that you can take off again. As a result, no matter how desperate the situation is, we can make a landing rather than a fall. If I did, I thought that if I landed without giving up, I would be ready to fly again. When I sang, I felt a lot of sympathy for it. And especially, things are getting a lot better now. There are countries with. So, seeing that, I hope I think I'm looking for it again.”

The host said “Dynamite” contains the lyrics “I got the medicine” and “permission” in “Permission to Dance.” What feelings did BTS want to convey?

“The BTS team is also very, very true, a team that lives in the present. BTS is something we have now. Because we are a team that has grown by focusing on the emotions we are feeling, ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Butter,’ and ‘Permission to Dance’ all had to be things we should feel right now. I got the medicine, we don't need permission to dance. These lyrics are all about living in the present. I think it came out of some struggle, such an objection,” said RM.

On being appointed as Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture that includes attending the 76th session of the UN General Assembly in September, RM said, “Actually, if you think about BTS like this since we were trainees, we are also millennials. From 1992 to 1997.”

“So, in a way, I dare say that millennials have grown up with the youth of today. I think we can, but in the process, as I said before, we felt we wanted to keep expressing our emotions. Now that we have been through a lot of things like that, we are going through a global or very large economic crisis or something social that affects us. I think that I have witnessed and experienced something like an impact directly or indirectly. So, in fact, when there is a crisis like this in 2021, we are very weak, but whether we are a cultural envoy or the UN General Assembly, we can do what we can. If you have the work and the power, let's participate and do the things we can do for our country, the younger generation who have grown up with us, and future generations around the world. We came to do this with a heavy heart but with a happy heart. After leaving the country, we will do our best and come back,” said RM.