Lovi Poe on dealing with insecurities

Lovi Poe admitted it took her a while until she was finally able to brush off all the insecurities she had concerning co-star Rhen Escaño.

Apparently, those anxieties were crucial for her character Janis in the new Viva movie "The Other Wife."

Note that in the film, she is a wife struggling with the idea of not being enough for her husband.

"It was more of this having internal struggle of paranoia and insecurities," was how she put it.

To give justice to her character, Lovi started comparing herself to Rhen.

"Yung character ko kasi she's very uptight and si Rhen she's free spirit and light. Ako, I'm not that person. So parang yun yung tinary kong inulit-ulit sa head ko."

Lovi admitted that sometimes, she also struggles and thinks all these things in her head in real life.

But thankfully, she was able to overcome it on a day-to-day basis.

"I think insecurities are fine. Insecurities make us human. We don't overcome them completely but, you know, we get through it. And we get by," she said.

As for insecurities she acquired while doing the said project, Lovi related: "Kailangan siyang alisin kasi kung hindi we're in trouble."

"Kung paano ko inalis, it took a while kasi parang binugbog ko yung sarili ko every morning with all my insecurities and yeah, there was a time na I was out of lock-in (taping) pero I couldn't take pictures of myself kasi sobrang dala ko pa rin yung character ko. It took a while."

Note that "The Other Wife" revolves around Janis and Ronnie (Joem Bascon), a couple trying to fix their marriage. To make this work, they spend their time together in their beach house. Luisa (Rhen), Ronnie’s childhood friend joins them at the beach house. Suddenly, weird things start to happen during their first day in the house.

The sexy-thriller movie, directed by Prime Cruz, is now available on VIVAMAX.