LOOK: Miss World Philippines 2021 Top 10 costumes

Published July 23, 2021, 4:59 PM

by John Legaspi

From the La Paz Batchoy-inspired to couture takes on the traditional terno, here are the stories behind Miss World Philippines 2021’s top costumes

On the evening of July 22, 2021, the Filipina beauties of Miss World Philippines brought glamor and heritage at the pageant’s Charity Gala. Okada Manila was filled with Filipino design talent and culture as this year’s contestants presented their national costumes. Here are the top 10 picks of the night:
Asha Gutierrez

1. Asha Gutierrez (19)

Asha wowed during the costume competition with her ancient boat-inspired garb complete with an oar.
Julie Tarrayo

2. Julie Tarrayo (30)

Julie wore a piece designed by Er Stephen Alvarado. Dubbed as “Bugday,” the costume was an homage to the fisherfolk of Northern Samar, and represents Aman Sinaya, the goddess of the sea in Philippine mythology.
Shannen Manzano

3. Shannen Manzano (23)

Wearing an Edwin Uy design, Shannen looked like a fierce amazon with her black and gold Filipiniana, a creative interpretation of the modern Filipina.
Ann Palmares

4. Ann Palmares (29)

Ann honored Ilo-ilo’s beloved dish, the Original La Paz Batchoy, with Paul Jerome Blas Pinuela work.
Tracy Perez

5. Tracy Perez (36)

Titled the “Vessel of Faith,” Axel Que’s piece for Tracy was a tribute to the 500 years of Christianity in the country, featuring Ferdinand Magellan’s arrival to the shores of Cebu.
Emmanuelle Vera

6. Emmanuelle Vera (8)

Geronie Labor’s costume for Emanuelle was all about intricate details and textures, from its ornate panuelo to the metallic details of her skirts.
Natasha Jung

7. Natasha Jung (12)

Putting a spin on the terno was Natasha’s look with its woodwork accessories and festive spirit.
Andrea Sulangi

8. Andrea Sulangi (24)

In another Edwin Uy piece, Andrea imbibed the beauty of Maranao architecture with her elaborate costume.
Dindi Pajares

9. Dindi Pajares (22)

Much like a diwata, Dindi looked enchanting with her floral metallic headpiece and gold encrusted gown made more elegant by its voluminous godets.
Ganiel Krishnan

10. Ganiel Krishnan (43)

Ganiel’s white terno by Louis Pangilinan is all about the dignified beauty of a Filipina. Her headpiece and scepter added a dose of fun that contrasts the delicate filigree and embellishments of her dress.
The winner of the costume competition will be announced on the grand coronation night of Miss World Philippines 2021 on July 25, 2021 at the Grand Ballroom of Okada Manila.
Photos used with permission from Melvin Sia.