Lexus Design Award 2022 is now open for entries

Published July 23, 2021, 2:08 PM

by John Legaspi

The next world-changing Filipino innovator could be you

Since 2013, the Lexus Design Award (LDA) has been putting Filipino innovative design and ideas to the global stage. The competition aims to provide an opportunity to creators by partnering them with world-famous design mentors to create prototypes of their designs. To continue that mission, the LDA is now open for entries for its 2022 edition.

Lexus Design Awards 2022

“Filipinos are no strangers to shining on the global stage. We are natural innovators and creators. Because of this, we have earned our stellar reputations for being problem-solvers in this ever-changing social and environmental landscape. Reaching a worldwide audience with a groundbreaking idea can still be a challenge,” the LDA says. “Through this initiative, Lexus hopes to contribute to nurturing and supporting creators.”

To join the competition, entrants need to demonstrate how their creative ideas express three key principles of the Lexus brand: Anticipate, Innovate, and Captivate. Their design should anticipate global challenges facing future society and imagine engaging and innovative ways to contribute to a sustainable and happy future for all.

It is looking for captivating designs that intersect with thoughtful solutions and can truly make a brighter future for people and societies in diverse circumstances.

Notable past winners of the Lexus Design award include “Ooho!,” an edible capsule-shaped packaging made from seaweed as an alternative to the plastic bottle; “Algorithmic Lace,” a 3D printing technology that works in conjunction with handmade elements to create, among other things, a bra for breast cancer survivors; and “Portable Solar Distiller,” which makes clean drinking water from polluted water or sea water, using sunlight.

OOHO filled with energy drink were handed out over 30,000 runners at London marathon in 2019

The Algorithmic Craft Lab at Georgia Tech

‘Portable Solar Distiller’ by Henry Glogau

An elite judging committee will review the entries, choosing six finalists to be announced in early 2022. These finalists will have the opportunity to liaise with four internationally renowned creators, who will provide them with a once-in-a-lifetime learning and mentoring experience. Personal guidance from these mentors of varied backgrounds and specialties will help the finalists to build prototypes that bring out the potential of their ideas.

The finalists’ prototype development will be funded by Lexus with a budget of £20,000 (roughly P1.4million) per finalist. In mid-2022, the six finalists will present their final proposals to the judges, who will then select one Grand Prix winner. Lexus will announce the names of the Lexus Design Award 2022 judging committee members and mentors later this year.

Entries can be submitted online at from now until Oct. 10, 2021. | | Instagram: @lexusmanila