Davao City health official encourages vaccinees to take photos, videos of vaccination

Published July 22, 2021, 2:45 PM

by Zea Capistrano

DAVAO CITY – A health official here said that posting photos and videos of vaccination experiences on social media will also encourage others to get vaccinated.

In a statement Wednesday, Davao City COVID-19 Task Force spokesperson Dr. Michelle Schlosser encouraged the public to document their vaccination experience and post it on social media.

“Mas ganahan ta naay mga pictorial, mas ganahan ta nga naay documentation on what happened sa vaccination site para mas maengganyo ang mga tawo nga magpa-vaccine og safe ang magpa-vaccine (We would welcome photos, documentation on what happened at the vaccination site to encourage more people to get vaccinated and that it is safe to be vaccinated).” Taking videos and photos at the vaccination site are allowed, according to her, and those doing it will not be apprehended.

Schlosser added that in this way, they can be sure that they are injected with the COVID-19 vaccine “by watching it being administered to them.” “For those who are afraid to see the actual insertion of the needle, Schlosser said they would feel the surge of the medication once it is injected,” she said in reaction to a video circulating on social media that the vaccinator did not plunge the vaccine at all.

“I would like to emphasize that any medication o vaccine pag once iturok na sa imoha mabati na nimo pagsulod sa tambal sa imong lawas kung dili na nimo mabati well questionable na siya (It is injected, you would feel the medicine entering your body, otherwise, it’s really questionable),” Schlosser said.

As of July 20, the Davao City Vaccination Cluster reported that 314,968 COVID vaccines have been administered as the first dose and 126,541 for the second dose here.

The Davao City Vaccination Report also showed that among the health care workers under the priority A1 group, 47,072 have received their first dose while 35,346 have already received their second. For senior citizens, a total of 76,271 have received their first dose and 24,895 received their second dose.

For persons with comorbidities, a total of 101,598 have received their first dose and 63,815 received their second dose. Meanwhile, for essential workers under the A4 category, 82,156 have received their first dose while only 301 have received their second dose. For those under the A5 category, particularly the indigenous people from the Marilog district, a total of 7,871 have received their first dose while 2,184 have received their second dose.