Jensen Gomez drops all-new single 'No Sides'

Published July 21, 2021, 11:56 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Jensen Gomez

More-often-than-not, the most brilliant and celebrated artists are those who are not only able to change the game when it comes to their craft, but they are also few-and-far-between characters who have the unique ability to roll with the punches, take everything in stride and have the rare knack to thrive under any amount of adversity.

And Jensen Gomez is about to prove that he is, indeed, made of “the right stuff.”

After what seems an eternity of regrouping and rediscovering his true north – both musically and in his personal life – the 30-year-old singer/songwriter is finally ready to get back in the game and take hold of his rejuvenated passion for life and music with his single “No Sides,” released today on all digital streaming platforms as the lead single for the first volume of his upcoming full-length Phases.

Simply put, it is vintage Jensen at his finest and most mature yet: a well-calculated, slow n’ steady tune that has that characteristic smooth n’ chill vibe that no one else can deliver, “No Sides” – despite oozing with the trademark sonic smoothness, is actually an anthemic-battle cry of sorts for the singer-songwriter. “It all started-out as a sample, then I just kept adding to it… beats and all. Then lyrically, it sort of became my personal love story with music: it’s all sides open, no more hiding – no use being shy anymore – I’m just here to do what I do.”

And this exercise in rediscovery is such an interesting one…

“During the pandemic, I went back to my old house, converted my childhood room in Cavite to a studio, and this is where I basically took the first few steps of my journey into finding myself again,” Gomez shares, when asked how he arrived at his current state, coming from all sorts of [mis]adventures the previous years. “It took a while – I ended relationships, avoided certain people and things, started new relationships and I just kept writing during that entire time – as an exercise, and occasionally working on film scores and well… now I’m back!” he smiles.

And for fans who have followed Jensen throughout the years in whatever incarnation he was involved with musically, it is an easy guess that this is simply just the beginning. “No sides” – as mentioned – is part of a bigger picture: to be released as the lead single of the first of four volumes that will make a full-length album called Phases, slated for a November 21st release. The first three volumes will be made-up of three songs each, [released with a respective lead single for each], and Volume 4 is slated to be the culmination of all the previously released singles, with an additional seven new tracks and additional skits from his podcast and campaigns all throughout, totaling a whopping 25 tracks. Truly, this simply isn’t just any release, but is – in itself – an entire experience – exciting news for both longtime and newer fans – and most notably – quite a feat in this day and age of music, where everything is all about one, singular moment.

“I can’t stop at just writing singles,” Gomez starts to share when asked about the proverbial “bigger picture.” “I find that I really need time to tell the whole story – MY story. “No Sides” without a doubt, is just the beginning, and everything is exciting for me again, because I wrote these songs from that honest side of me; it’s such a reinvigorating feeling to be able to do that again… but I guess I can say I’m a lot more comfortable now with how to maneuver my way around this whole thing. It’s fun again.”

Jensen Gomez’ brand new single “No Sides” off Phases Vol. 1 is out now on all digital streaming platforms. Follow Jensen Gomez on his Instagram and Twitter pages at @iamjensengomez and @jensengomezph on Facebook.