Jennica Garcia slams 'Marites:' 'Public figure ako oo pero hindi naman para bastusin niyo ko'

Published July 21, 2021, 10:25 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Jennica Garcia

Actress Jennica Garcia defended herself over naysayers who consider her a “liar.”

Apparently, an online user called her out after her “mood” post.

“Yung nagkayayaan ang tropa tapos lahat may lovelife maliban sayo. Picture dito, picture dun sabay silip ng tingin sayo. ME: “Ge, ge, ge, ako na kukuha, kakahiya sainyo. Ako na adjust. Saya kayo eh noh?,”” Jennica’s caption to her recent post read.

But a netizen commented: “Nako mareng jennica, yung frenny ko nanjan din, nakita may ka partner ka naman talaga. Dont us mare. Lab pa naman kita. Hehe.”

Others also teased Jennica to reveal the one who took the group photo of her and her siblings, which allegedly was Jennica’s estranged husband, Alwyn Uytingco.

In a lengthy three-part post, Jennica called out a basher.

“Para sa MARITES na may pa- Don’t Us, Don’t Us sa akin. I can opt to just delete the comment and block this chismosa na feeling mas maalam pa sa nangyayari sakin sa personal kong buhay but I will just answer para tapos na dahil hindi naman ito ang magiging last time that this could happen at sa susunod di ko na kailangan sumagot pa ulit,” she said, admitting that Alwyn was, indeed, with them.

According to her, their trip to Tanay won’t be the only instance where people would

see the father of her children and her in one place.

“I won’t even be surprised to see pictures of us in Tanay on the internet once I post this because when we were there, there were people who asked me for a photo and then there were those who came up to Alwyn as well for pictures,” she related.

Jennica then asked why it came as a surprise that she and her children’s father are together in a particular place with their kids.

“Does that mean just because we are together then we are romantically linked? Hindi ba pwedeng we are thriving to co-parent healthily for our children especially since I am also with my parents family at sadyang assuming ka? It was NOT an Uytingco Family trip. Dapat ba pag hiwalay sa asawa not in good terms? Hindi kami boyfriend and girlfriend na dahil hiwalay, cut all ties. We have children to think of hindi pwedeng sariling kapakanan lang iniisip.”

“Ngayon mo lang nalaman diba? May friend ka sa area? Wala diba, kasi di naman invited “friend” mo sa bahay ng Papa Jigo ko. Di rin ako nag upload ng picture with my children’s father kahit andun siya. Kasi bakit? Kailangan ba? Para saan? Para SAYO? Para updated ka ganon? So obligasyon ko na pag kasama ko tatay ng mga anak ko papaliwanag ako sa mga tao? Adjust na ako para sa mga anak ko tapos adjust din ako para sayo ganon? Special ka.”

Jennica pointed out that the actor is allowed to be with their children any time he wants

Though she requested Alwyn not to post about their happenings on social media to lessen the “noise” and “opinions” of rumormongers, which he respectfully agreed to, she said.

“Kung magkabalikan man kami ni Alwyn, manggagaling sa bibig ko hindi manggagaling sa bibig ng kaibigan mo, o sa bibig ng kahit na sino na wala naman alam tungkol sa personal na buhay ko,” she declared.

“I hope people won’t look at it as a surprise that Alwyn and I are together in one place with our children especially when it wasn’t an intimate gathering with just the four of us there since we are exerting all efforts to make the situation less painful for my children than it already is.”

She reiterated that Alwyn joining their trip to Tanay is not the first and definitely not the last “since his presence is welcome in my children’s lives forever.”

“Magka pamilya man na iba si Alwyn in the future, ano man ang mangyari, hindi ko ipagdadamot ang mga anak ko sa Tatay Alwyn nila. I know that this statement might be difficult to understand para sa mga taong hindi pa pamilyado but this is the reality I now face,” Jennica maintained. “While Alwyn is doing his best to restore our family. I need time to heal. I need to keep my relationship with God first and foremost a top priority.”

Jennica then said: “Public figure ako oo pero hindi naman para bastusin niyo ko sa comments section ng sarili kong page wala naman akong atraso sainyo. Me being silent does not give you the right to make assumptions about my personal life. Purket tatahimik tahimik ako sa mga pasaring niyo inaabuso niyo ko.”

In the latter part, she revealed that her Tanay “couple post” was supposed to be fun.

“Pinagtatawanan ko na lang sa halip na iyakan ko ulit ang pagiging single mom dahil pagod na ako tapos babaliktarin niyo pa,” she said.

“Ayaw niyong pinagchichismisan kayo pero mang chismis ng iba komportable ka. I am no longer allowing your negativity to linger on my pages. Kung sino pang kagaya kong babae siya pang maka “Don’t Us Don’t Us” sakin. Pag pamilyado ka na, wag sana mangyari sayo nangyari sakin at baka hindi mo kayanin.”

Recall that last March when news about the separation of Jennica and Alwyn started circulating.

Then, the actress asked the help of her Instagram followers to have her social media account username changed.

Which, as of writing, Jennica already did.

After months of speculations, Jennica confirmed their breakup.

But Alwyn is still hopeful that he and his wife will be able to sort out their troubles.

However, Jennica’s mom, Jean Garcia, went ballistic over Alwyn’s cheesy posts for her daughter.