JC de Vera, Rhen Escaño, Kenneth Paul Cruz team up for Marz Fuel

Published July 19, 2021, 2:30 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

JC De Vera

Celebrities JC de Vera, Rhen Escaño, and Kenneth Paul Cruz showed their support to Marz Fuel’s SDK (Superiorly Designed To Kick Off Your Engine).

The SDK’s digital campaign highlighted JC and Rhen’s sweetness and fierceness, both ready to kick off for the ride of their lives.

Marz Fuel explained: “Our experts of almost 5 decades of proven record made it certain that additive component and formulation focuses on engine protection and fuel savings. It is Superiorly Designed to Kick off your engine – that’s why, it’s SDK.”

Laziz Rustamov

Like Marz Fuel’s proven record, JC, with his good-looking physical features, has also proven his worth as an actor.

Today, he’s still one of the hottest leading men in the Philippines.

Scrolling through Laziz Rustamov’s social media accounts would instantly give you a glimpse of what he’s passionate about.

Rhen Escano

Filled with punches and kicks and quick snippets of his TV commercials are squeezed in between lifestyle and travel shots.

Laziz is a commercial model and an actor who loves to kick his way to top. Some of his appearances as a TVC actor were Poten-Cee, Axe, Uniqlo Philippines, and SM.

In every commercial, you’ll find him dropping remarkable performances with such ease, smoothness, and confidence.

Kenneth Paul Cruz

His digital campaign for Marz Fuel is now available on Facebook, and it showed his strength as a model.

SDK 4T, now kicking at all Marz branches. Make sure to like and follow Marz Fuel on Facebook.