17 passengers rescued from capsized vessel in Sulu

Published July 17, 2021, 5:38 PM

by Liza Abubakar-Jocson

PASSENGERS of the boat, Friendly, rescued and brought to the Naval Task Group Sulu headquarters. (NavForWest photo)
Two persons perished while 17 others, including a one-year-old child, were rescued when their vessel capsized in waters off Bakungan Island, Patikul, Sulu last Thursday.

A Philippine Navy multi-purpose attack craft (MPAC-BA 485) was on the way to respond to another distressed commercial vessel when it sighted a capsized boat bearing the marking “Friendly.”

Navy personnel immediately rescued three individuals floating in rough seas. They were identified as Amasher Abirin, 38; Wahid Isa, 40; and Alkramier Unding, a one-year-old child.

Navy men also recovered the bodies of two passengers: 70-year-old Hja Suhula Radjuli and 33-year-old Sitti Kalasahan Radjuli.

The following day, 14 other survivors from the same vessel were sighted by fishermen and rescued by Navy personnel off the shores of Luuk, Sulu.

They were identified as Kalma Hassan, 42; Rosalyn Marajan Unding, 27; Jomar Said, 27; Nadzrin Morajan, 16; Marsida Sarahan, 36; Shermalyn Hamsanain, 36; Pirusa Basri, 39; Adilina Cuadra, 41; Gloria Jumaadil, 15; Jidy Sangkula, 56; Misha Radjuli, 29; and Nadjara Aramin, 7; Nijar Aribin, 34; and Jaime Lopez, 45.

The survivors were brought to the Naval Task Group Sulu and 4th Marine Brigade headquarters for medical attention.

The boat Friendly originated from Maluso, Basilan and was on its way to Jolo, Sulu when it encountered bad weather near Bakungan Island.

Meanwhile, the other distressed vessel, the M/L Putli Dahiran, was several meters off the port of Jolo when it encountered engine trouble due to bad weather.

It was able to revive its engine while drifting at sea and was towed by local fishermen to the pier of Bangas Island in Panglima Tahil.

Col. Hernanie Songano, NTG-Sulu commander, commended the sailors and all those who participated in the rescue operation.