San Juan City hits snag in vaccination program due to limited vaccine supply

Published July 14, 2021, 10:03 AM

by Patrick Garcia

After successfully vaccinating more than 100 percent of its target population to reach herd immunity against COVID-19 with at least one dose, San Juan City is now facing a problem with its second dose vaccine supply.

Mayor Francis Zamora

San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora said in an interview with CNN Philippines on Tuesday that the city is now facing a vaccine shortage, particularly Sinovac vaccines, after a delay in their delivery to the country.

“I was just on the phone with Secretary Vince Dizon earlier because our problem now basically would be our second doses for Sinovac because as we’ve all read in the news, the deliveries of Sinovac haven’t arrived yet and starting tomorrow onwards, those scheduled for second dose of Sinovac here in San Juan will not be able to get their jabs simply because there’s no supply of Sinovac as of this point,” Zamora said.

“This will cause delays with regard to our second dose, but once the supplies arrive, we can always inoculate them altogether because we have multiple sites here in San Juan,” he added.

The LGU announced on Monday that it has successfully inoculated more than 100 percent of its target population against COVID-19 after vaccinating more than 96,000 residents with at least the first dose of the vaccine.

Zamora said that as of July 11, the city has already administered 96,610 first doses to its residents, which is equivalent to 112.18 percent of its target population to achieve herd immunity, while 29,313 residents received their second dose.