The great outdoors

Published July 13, 2021, 12:20 AM

by Jullie Y. Daza


Jullie Y. Daza

A good thing, too, for kids five years old and older stepping out of their discomfort zones to  enjoy the outdoors – on the beach, in the park, anywhere but not a mall.

The idea that they should accompany an adult is sound. Children are street-smart and tech-savvy in a way that their elders are not.

‘Tis the season of ITCZ – not to be confused with IATF. After all, the weather is the one thing that IATF has no control over.

MMDA says to expect heavy traffic on EDSA now that Skyway Stage 3 is charging toll. Choose toll or torture. Can you imagine the great outdoors on EDSA without traffic, ever? Like Niagara Falls without water, Disneyland without Mickey Mouse.

Heavy traffic on EDSA in spite of no classes and no office. Alas, EDSA without number coding during the pandemic means 10 percent more, not fewer, vehicles. Stop, listen: Car production did a turnaround of 84 percent from 4,405 units in March 2020 to 8,298 in March 2021.

The people’s champ is in training, after two years in the Senate, where the most rigorous exercise was, apparently, digging for dirt on corrupt agencies. And then flying off to the US, leaving his fans in suspense wondering what are the contents of those thick stacks of dossiers on his desk. Never mind the fine print, Senator, just underline, all-caps, or highlight the proper names.

We’re not the safest place on the planet indoors or out, according to a survey. Factors considered: war and peace, personal security, natural disasters. Is that why we have the most and greatest singers, dancers, and entertainers (including clowns who don’t need a costume)?

“All vaccinations approved by the government with EUA are safe,” assured FDA. But some are safer than others, according to the same people talking on TV.

Pfizer recommends a third shot – booster — six months after the second dose. And after that –?

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that booster is not necessary.

Mayor Belmonte will distribute cash to 40,000-plus who have been previously bypassed through no fault of their own. In the great outdoors of Quezon Memorial Circle, that should bring joy to each and every “biyuda de ayuda.”