Ms. Universe Int'l Faye Tangonan is new advocate of Mrs./Ms. Earth

Published July 13, 2021, 1:40 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Faye Tangonan

“These pandemic is really a great example to show what is really important in life – spreading the love that is within us. It is the antidote to the great suffering experienced all around the world,” quotes beauty queen Faye Tangonan as she encourages women to join the Mrs. Earth and Ms. Earth International pageant, which will be held for the first time in Manila on Dec. 1-7, 2021.

The mission of this pageant is to combine beauty and nature in a celebration of one of the greatest honor on earth which is being a woman. By the way, this is a prestigious pageant named by

The pageant’s goal is to showcase women as they fulfill their dreams. They aim to provide a forum that celebrates and rewards women for their outstanding accomplishments and experiences. It is organized by Mr. Mykhael Michaels, Pageant Director of the said beauty contest.

Her innate desire to help others and her selfless dedication to serve for the greater good motivates her to come back to the pageant world to continue to inspire and encourage everyone to keep spreading love and positivity.

She also believes that at the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or even what you have accomplished, but it is about who you’ve lifted, who you’ve made better and most of all, what you’ve given back is what matters the most.

Faye is also a philanthropist and a humanitarian who already did a lot of charity works with her own foundation called the “Faye Tangonan International Youth Foundation” which mission is to spread compassion and kindness around the world.

She also put up her own restaurant and resort business alongside with her father, Ret. RTC Judge Eugenio Tangonan and her fiancé Mr. Lester Paul Recirdo in Claveria, Cagayan where she hailed.

Faye’s work and professional experiences are vast and varied, encompassing her with various fields of professions. Her civic and community involvements are likewise diverse and extensive.

She is the Ambassador of Goodwill for the Filipino Community for the State of Hawaii. Among the beauty pageant titles of this Ilocana-born lady are: Ms. Universe-International 2018-2019, Mrs. Philippines Earth 2018, Mrs. Hawaii Filipina 2017, Ms. Earth Saver Hawaii 2019, Mrs. Gawad International 2017 and Ms. Queen AmerAsia Universe 2019.

Faye is also an actress where she got three International Best Supporting Actress from Festigious Film Festival in Holywood USA, Oniros International Film Festival in Italy and Tagore International Film Festival in India.

She is also a product endorser and a recipient to multiple awards such as Philippine Empowered Woman of the Year, Philippine Faces of Sucess, Manila’s Best Dressed, Forbes Ambassador of Style, Gawad America and Outstanding Woman of the Year along with some prominent people and the Iconic International Women Awards in India.

In November, Faye will receive the Laguna Excellence Awards this coming November and was appointed by the United Nations as the Ambassador for International Women Empowerment.

“An empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. I’d say I am empowered and yet softhearted. I am powerful and yet wrapped in humility. I am famous and unknown. And I don’t seek any consolation or recognition from the eyes of men because I know that God sees me, and He knows my heart,” added Faye.