IS THAT YOU DOMINIC? Bea Alonzo shares video with a man

Published July 13, 2021, 5:53 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Bea Alonzo has been sharing with fans some photos and videos of her trip abroad.

And it seems like soon she’ll be revealing her “travel buddy.”

In fact, in a video she uploaded of her Pacific coast road trip, a man was seen inside the car.

Fans were quick to assume it is Bea’s rumored boyfriend Dominic Roque.

Note that for the past days, the two stars would post on their social media account photos and videos of them seemingly in the same location.

In fact, netizens would immediately point out how the two would cameo on each other’s posts based on their OOTDs and such.

And remember the time when Dominic shared the story of a woman getting the meat off a king crab for him posting a photo of a woman’s hand? Online users noted it’s Bea’s based on the nail polish.

Anyway, Bea said in her latest post that she never intended her trip to be like a “food-crawl-type-of-trip.”

“But it’s slowly becoming like one. I just realized how much I have missed traveling and trying out new restaurants. Parang normal na lahat dito,” she said. “Most people (if not all) don’t wear masks anymore. Most of them are already vaccinated na kase. I can’t help but think of home.”

“I pray na sana magkaroon na rin tayo ng ganitong sense of normalcy. Pero ingat paren po tayo dahil may new variants nanaman (Kaya lagi pa rin akong naka-mask),” she added. “Sending you love from this side of the world.”