GOSSIP GIRL: Sheree reveals slim, thick body in frontal nudity scene

Published July 12, 2021, 10:20 PM

by Giselle Sanchez


You will always see that hashtag #slimthick in the social media posts of the Kardashians, particularly Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Kylie, who describe their bodies as such. Dr Folusha Oluwajana explains in Women’s Health Magazine what this slang term is all about, “’Slim thick is a phrase that has become more popular recently to describe a certain female body shape. A “slim thick” figure is generally used to describe a woman with a small waist, flat stomach and larger hips, bum and thighs, who is toned or considered physically fit.” Those are the exact words I would describe Sheree’s body as she showed me her frontal nudity picture for her upcoming film “Nerissa” that will be streamed in Vivamax this July 30 – a flat stomach, toned thighs, and large booty – in other words – slim thick!!

I asked the actress, singer and pole dancer to describe her private part, I gave her three choices – Brazilian strip, naked ambition or African jungle? She cried out, “Look at it Giselle, obviously African jungle!” We probably laughed for five minutes after she continued, “My role is a sex worker living on a remote island in the province. Obviously there are no salons there and shavers will be exclusively for the men’s’ mustache and beards.” I asked the sexy actress-part time DJ if she had to grow out hers to be an African jungle in preparation for the movie, and she cried out again, “Yes of course! In my opinion, not all actresses have to grow it out, some actresses have had an African jungle all their lives. I think by now you can name that actress already. Hahaha!


The title role of Nerissa’s went to Bb Pilipinas Tourism Cindy Miranda, so I asked Sheree why she agreed to do a frontal nudity when the film is not even about her, “The role calls for it, and I am an actress. It does not matter if I am the star or the support. An actress is supposed to do her job, and the scene really needed to have it. I am happy to have contributed to execute the story well with my frontal nudity which is the first time I will be doing by the way.”


Four beautiful women will be gracing this film – Cindy Miranda, AJ Raval, Sheree and Miss Elizabeth Oropesa. “Nerissa” also stars Aljur Abrenica who will be responsible for finding Nerissa’s unconscious body in the middle of the ocean. The director, Lawrence Fajardo, adds during the presscon there are many reasons to watch this film aside from the steamy sexy scenes of Aljur and Cindy, “Watch the trailer on YouTube and you will be intrigued why ‘Nerissa’ was found in the middle of the ocean and why she has this beauty that make men go crazy.” Streaming in Vivamax this July 30, you can download it in web.vivamax.net or in your android and iPhones as well. “Nerissa” will also be on other streaming platforms like ktx.ph, IWantTFC and TFC IPTV.