How to start a home garden despite space constraints

Home gardening has become a popular trend during the past year since more people are spending more time indoors. But there’s a constant struggle with home gardeners: space. 

Luckily, there are some ways that they can start a garden even with limited space. Here are some of them. 

Photo by Elias Morr from Unsplash

Container gardening

One common gardening method that people follow is container gardening. Different containers can be used to grow all kinds of plants and gardeners can even unleash their creativity on what kind of mediums they want to use or how they want their selected garden area to look. The possibilities are endless. 

Rooftop planting

Those with a little more space in their area, such as a rooftop, can utilize this area to become a garden that grows different varieties of crops or ornamentals. They just have to remember to put in extra precautions to keep their crops safe against extreme weather conditions. 


Another way that home gardeners have skirted around their problems in space is by avoiding soil altogether. But this doesn’t mean that they gave up on their dream of growing their own food. Instead, they opted to grow them hydroponically or with the use of a nutrient solution that provides plants with the nutrients they need. 

Community garden

Seeing how growing food has become a trend nowadays, many people have teamed up to start a community garden and encourage other people, especially those who don’t have space, to begin their gardening journey. Joining a community garden is also a good way to bond with others and make meaningful connections. 

Gardening, whether for food or ornamentals, has captured the interest of people because they saw the importance of food security and finding a productive or profitable hobby. While space may be a recurring problem for home gardeners, there are many ways that they can pursue their goal of growing plants. They just have to find the right one that meets their preferences. 

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