Crackdown on illegal LPG refilling, distribution intensified

Published July 12, 2021, 3:25 PM

by Myrna M. Velasco

The crackdown on illegal trade practices in the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) sector has been intensifying, as jointly enforced by industry players and relevant law enforcement agencies of the government.


As reported by industry player Solane LPG, roughly half-a-million worth of illegally refilled tanks and distributed LPG using its brand name had been confiscated just within the stretch of April to May this year.

The company said series of bust operations had been carried out in Muntinlupa City in Metro Manila; as well as in the provinces of Tarlac, Bulacan and Iloilo and that led to the confiscation of 234 illegally refilled and traded LPG cylinders which had been valued at P490,950.

In particular, it was noted that seven raids had been conducted in Tarlac and Muntinlupa last April; wherein 47 counterfeit LPG tanks were seized.

From those raids, it was emphasized that “the cylinders captured were either emptied or refilled – with some bearing counterfeit seals and dilapidated steel tanks.”

For the month of May, Solane indicated in a media statement, that additional 187 illegally-refilled tanks had been apprehended – mainly in the raid operations in Bulacan and Iloilo.

“Along with the counterfeit LPG cylinders, each of the raids in greater Luzon and Visayas also confiscated marked money not lower than P1,000 and delivery receipts from previous transactions,” the company said.

Given the relentless strike of unscrupulous elements in the LPG industry, Solane stressed that it will “continue its efforts to take down malicious sources of substandard LPGs across the country.”

It qualified that since the start of this year, the company has been collaborating with several LGUs in pursuing massive raid operations across northern and southern Luzon areas, Metro Manila as well as Visayas – and the all-inclusive goal was to take away from the market all of those menacing counterfeit LPG tanks.

But for these efforts to gain stronger legal anchor, Solane is sternly wishing for the enactment of the proposed LPG Industry Regulation Bill, which is currently pending on its third and final reading in Congress.

Pending the passage of the measure, however, Solane sets out a continuing reminder to its customers to always verify the quality and authenticity of sources of their LPG purchases, because it is only that way that they can protect their families and households from life threats and perils that the counterfeit or illegally refilled cooking fuel tanks may trigger.