Taguig LGU suspends vaccination of Sinovac second dose recipients

Published July 11, 2021, 7:24 AM

by Jonathan Hicap

The Taguig City government has suspended the second dose vaccination using Sinovac Life Sciences’ CoronaVac vaccine due to the delay in the arrival of a new batch of supply in the country.

Vaccination in Taguig (Taguig City government)

In an announcement Saturday, the city government said, “The administration of Sinovac second doses on Monday, July 12, 2021, will be deferred to a later date. We assure everyone that Sinovac second doses may still be given beyond the date indicated on your vaccination cards.”

“The Department of Health has determined that the administration of second doses of COVID-19 vaccines is acceptable 3 to 6 months after administration of the first dose,” it added.

Last July 7, Taguig suspended the first dose vaccination using Sinovac for two weeks due to lack of new supply.

It cited Advisory No. 62 dated July 4 issued by Sec. Carlito Galvez Jr. and Sec. Vince Dizon of the National Task Force Against COVID-19, which advised local government units (LGUs) and local vaccination operation centers (LVOCs) about the delay in the arrival of Sinovac and Sputnik V vaccines in the country.

Here is the rest of the advisory:

“As of this date [July 4], the following delays in arrival of COV1D- 19 vaccines have been encountered:

“1. Component II of Sputnik V vaccines

“2. Weekly delivery of Sinovac vaccines

“In cases of delays prolonging the interval between the administration of first and second doses, the DOH All Experts Group on Vaccines recommended the following:

“1. Second doses of COVID-19 vaccines can still be given beyond the recommended dose interval as specified in the EUA [Emergency Use Authorization]. A delay of three (3) to six (6) months is still acceptable if COVID-19 vaccine delivery is affected by the global vaccine supply.

“2. Should an individual exceed the maximum allowable delay of six (6) months, there is no need to repeat the whole vaccination series.

“3. However, delay in the administration of second doses is not encouraged. If the administration of second doses is delayed, the second doses must be prioritized in the allocation plan and must be administered as soon as vaccines arrive in the country.”

The advisory stated that in the “National Capital Region Plus 8 areas, LGUs and LVOCs are directed to prioritize the administration of 2nd dose of Sinovac vaccines for the next two weeks or until the supply stabilizes. Likewise, LGUs/LVOCs are directed to immediately utilize the intended first doses of other COVID-19 vaccines such as Moderna, Pfizer and Gamaleya. In other areas. all LGUs/LVOCs are required to ensure the second dose of Sinovac vaccines for vaccine recipients due in the next two weeks.”

As of July 8, Taguig has vaccinated 277,190 individuals with the first dose, or 40.7 percent of the target population of 680,000, and 99,068 with the second dose, or 14.56 percent of the target.