Home-building solutions provider offers innovative flooring solution

Published July 8, 2021, 5:33 PM

by MB Technews

PEOPLE value their personal space that they make sure it achieves the ideals of their dream home. Be it for a new family or a simple home improvement, they stay on the lookout for better but affordable products or technologies to attain a more comfortable and convenient living space, while maintaining a high aesthetic standard.

One aspect that gets a lot of attention is the flooring. Not only does it affect the overall design of a home, the functionality and accessibility of the space also rely heavily on the material used.

That is why Mariwasa, the country’s leading home-building solutions provider, has recently come up with a new flooring solution that is long-lasting and gives you a high-end appearance with more practical benefits and also lets you stay on your budget.

To continue their goal of becoming a one-stop-shop with all the essentials needed to build a quality household, Mariwasa released the Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT Dry Back and the Stone Plastic Composite or SPC Easy Click floor planks as a part of their flooring solution for modest families.

The new products

Each product bears Mariwasa’s seal of approval as it underwent rigorous quality control checks and other qualification tests before being released to the market — thus creating affordable, creative, and durable materials that customers love.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Sierra Brown

Mariwasa LVT Dry Back is designed to replicate hard surface flooring materials, such as stone or wood, but is more practical than the mentioned materials. The tile uses a real photographic print film and a clear vinyl layer with a wide variety of design concepts such as Sierra Grey, Sierra Beige, Sierra Ivory, and Sierra Brown.

Meanwhile, the Mariwasa SPC Easy Click is an engineered luxury vinyl that combines limestones and stabilizers to create an extremely durable material, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use. It also comes in different designs such as Avana Grey, Avana Beige, Avana Brown, and Avana Dark Brown.

The variety in the design provides residential and commercial owners with modern options that will best fit their preferences.

Benefits of using Mariwasa’s floor tiles

One common concern among homeowners is how to apply their new fixtures. Mariwasa created a solution to this in their new floor tiles with the Mariwasa SPC Easy Click that is built with a click-lock system that makes installation easier and faster. Only a few tools are required to accomplish this task.

Apart from being easy to install, several other features make Mariwasa’s new floor tiles stand out. These products are also resistant to various factors that could affect the overall quality of the tiles. This includes being scratch-resistant, water-resistant, spill and stain-resistant, as well as termite resistant.

Mariwasa LVT Dry Back and SPC Easy Click also prevent the growth of bacteria on their surfaces and other areas to keep residents safe from bacteria or diseases that may harm their health and their pets as well. The tiles are also easy to maintain since it only takes a wet mop to wipe them down clean. The tiles also have an ultraviolet (UV) coating and wear layer that makes the floor easy to clean and protected for daily use. Most importantly, both Mariwasa LVT Dry Back and SPC Easy Click were designed to be more than just easy to maintain and comfortable. Mariwasa made sure that the welfare of the environment is also taken into account as it used 100% recyclable materials to make their floor tiles.

As a pioneer in the ceramic tile industry in the Philippines, Mariwasa continues to innovate and create products that adapt to modern trends and are the preference of homeowners, without having to sacrifice the quality that made them known in the market.

With their LVT Dry Back and SPC Easy Click, Mariwasa provides homeowners with a practical option with several other features that set the products apart from the market. Not only are these affordable and easy to maintain, they’re also easy to install as well!

So, if you’re looking for a modern and practical floor tile that’s of top-quality but won’t burn a hole in your pockets, then the answer lies in Mariwasa.

For more information, visit www.mariwasa.com or www.facebook.com/MariwasaTiles/.