Kevin Tan shares why cool dad Andrew Tan danced to Dynamite by BTS

Published July 7, 2021, 2:11 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

“He calls me into his office for a one-on-one, and tells me to close the door behind,” Kevin Tan revealed in his latest Instagram post. Like any son, or any employee for that matter, you wonder what was next. And, of course, you get ready for top secret discussions with the big man, or in this case, his father Andrew Tan. “I take out my Ipad, ready to take down notes, thinking there was a top secret project or a mega idea/deal in the midst.”

But to his surprise, “He switches on You Tube and puts on BTS ‘Dynamite.’ I’m still on guessing mode wondering what this is all about. I was honestly expecting a whole range of topics from new media to video composition or even K-pop culture, albeit rather random (but we do have random conversations about all sorts of things all the time anyway).”

“Then, boom, he busts out the moves and the topic is how to be ARMY,” exclaims Kevin, adding the hashtag #CoolestDadInTheWorld. The video starts off by showcasing the McDonald’s BTS meal, with a glimpse of Andrew’s hand enjoying the meal—even double dipping the chicken nuggets into the two limited-edition sauces. Then half way through the music video, we see the billionaire, who has McDonald’s share with George Yang, dancing to the BTS’ Dynamite song.

FUN DANCE Andrew Tan dances to BTS song, even enjoys it with the McDonald’s meal.

His son Kevin ended this fun and youthful post with a thought bubble, “Not sure if this is one of those mind games sessions, where he is subconsciously advising me to ‘push’ myself, too.” He also added another trivia, “My Mom is a big fan of BTS, so now you know who this was secretly for.” with the hashtags #LoverBoy and #Romantico.