Hungry for fashion and beauty shows? Zalora's Z-Live is your new digital style destination

Published July 7, 2021, 2:23 PM

by John Legaspi

You can stream and shop at the same time

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Throughout history, fashion, as well as beauty, have proven their power to adapt to the challenges of the time. From wars to cultural shifts, fashion and beauty have found their way to be present in any situation, making it a perfect timestamp of the past like the New Look of the ’50s, the disco flair of the ’70s, and the DIY style of the ’90s, to name a few. With our current pandemic climate today, the art of fashion and cosmetics continue to thrive thanks to virtual sites and social media where fashion savants get their dose of style-centric content.

With the past year’s digital acceleration, live streaming e-commerce has grown rapidly and is estimated to be valued at $19 billion in Southeast Asia by 2023. This can be attributed to stronger connectivity, rising disposable income, growth of ad-supported services, and a greater variety of content. According to recent studies, daily online content consumption around the world has soared since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, doubling on average from three hours and 17 minutes to six hours 59 minutes.

Globally, one of the most watched content categories are fashion and beauty.

As an e-commerce site, Zalora has already harnessed the power of the internet when it comes to the retail department prior to the pandemic. Now, it takes its online fashion force to the next level with its newest live stream platform.

Dubbed as Z-Live, the live stream platform elevates Zalora’s customer experience with a two-way communication between shoppers and brands. By providing a platform for real time interaction between fans and the e-commerce site, brands have an opportunity to capture shoppers anywhere, anytime, wherever they are.

“Launching livestream shopping is part of our broader strategic plan to bring together content, social, and commerce to create highly engaging and inspiring experiences in fashion and lifestyle e-commerce,” says Zalora Group CEO Gunjan Soni. “Our vision with Z-live is to go beyond just being a commercial transaction, but more importantly focus on the relevance of the content to potential shoppers. Live streaming adds a strong emotional connection to online shopping, which can bridge the gap between online and offline shopping with real people and experts showing the products, answering queries and viewers interacting with the host. We are focusing on high quality curated shows developed by Zalora together with the most sought after brands specially for the Southeast Asia consumer. In addition to the live content users will be able to browse and enjoy a library of curated content at their leisure as well.”

Z-Live is powered by a partnership with Singaporean live streaming technology provider, BeLive Technology. A key player in the live streaming industry since 2014, BeLive Technology is a one-stop solution for live streaming, enabling Zalora to build the platform equipped with powerful live stream tools for a seamless experience.

“Live-shopping has become one of the important pillars of e-commerce, and Z-Live’s focus on highly interactive, shoppable content will be a game-changer for online shoppers,” said Kenneth Tan, CEO of BeLive Technology. “BeLive Technology is incredibly proud to power Z-Live, and we’re very excited to help shape the future of retail with Zalora.”

Z-Live will feature five programs focusing on the e-commerce site’s different segments, with exclusive offers and giveaways happening live as the shows run.

Friends In Fashion

A fashion-focused variety show featuring style experts and the lifestyle website’s friends where they sit with the most relevant voices in the industry as they take on hot topics and trends.

Style Challenge

This express styling program puts guests to the test as they speed their way through assembling looks for different occasions.

Beauty Files

The definitive guide to skincare and makeup, from the latest ingredients that are creating a buzz to techniques to change that beat game.

Just For Kicks

Check out the drip of sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts in this show that covers the freshest trends and conversations about the hype in street culture.

Hot Sales

Ready, set, shop! This show is all about deals and steals, with flash sales and daily dips for lucky winners.

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