OMG! Yassi Pressman sighted in the arms of Damian Lillard

Published July 3, 2021, 5:54 PM

by Neil Ramos

Is Cardo Dalisay even aware of this?

After dying in the arms of the seemingly immortal TV hero – well, her character in the show at least – Yassi Pressman has been sighted getting cozy with National Basketball Association (NBA) star Damian Lillard.


It was actually caught on camera, too.

The thing is, Yassi is seemingly not bothered at all as to what fans might say about it.

Note that she actually shared their photo on Instagram.

She wrote, “It’s about DAM(E) TIME we see each other in person.”

The nerve!

What about Cardo, Yassi?

Don’t you love him anymore?

You were married for crying out loud!

Remember all the battles you shared!

In the same post, Yassi acknowledged Damian’s support of her effort to help rehabilitate a section of the Philippine General Hospital, which was razed by a fire.

“I wanna say thank you to this big guy for spending time today, for helping me out during my reach out in the PH when the Philippine General Hospital caught fire, & just for being the kind-hearted person that he is… You are truly a gem. So down to earth. My most favorite player. Can’t wait to see you again soon!”


A gem?

See you again?

So that’s how it goes, Yassi?

Just like “Ang Probinsyano” never happened?

Wait till Cardo hears about this.