Gabriela on Duterte's possible VP run: 'Shameless'

Published July 3, 2021, 3:02 PM

by Gabriela Baron

A women’s group called President Rodrigo Duterte “shameless” and “dishonorable” after he told the public to “consider him” a vice presidential candidate in 2022.

President Rodrigo Duterte (MANILA BULLETIN FILE PHOTO)

In a statement, Gabriela Secretary-General Joms Salvador said President Duterte is willing to demote himself to vice president “just to get away with mass murder and form a political dynasty” with daughter Sara Duterte.

“For all his pathetic displays of bravado and machismo, Duterte naturally shows his cowardice by deciding to run for the vice presidency in 2022 elections. He knows too well the lesson from history: a dictator is bound to fall,” Salvador said.

Salvador added that Duterte is “frightened” and “desperate” to cling to power after the International Criminal Court (ICC) decided to seek probe into the war on drugs and Davao City killings from 2011 to 2016.

The ICC has also issued the call for families of victims of the War on Drugs to submit their concerns and views in connection with the request for an investigation.

“Duterte realizes that there is no alternative left in order for him to escape justice but to die clinging to his throne,” she added.