Factory worker in Valenzuela City gets P1,056 worth of coins as salary

Published June 30, 2021, 6:35 PM

by Joseph Pedrajas

P1,056 worth of coins, mostly in 5- and 10-centavo, as well as one-peso denominations.

That’s how a factory worker in Valenzuela City received his salary after rendering 24 hours of duty.

In a Facebook post, a certain Odniemrud Eniger, the factory worker’s cousin, sought help from Mayor Rex Gatchalian after the incident.

“Sobrang pambabastos po talaga ‘to sa pinsan ko, ganito yung pinasahod puro sentimo (It’s really disrespectful. They gave my cousin’s salary in coins),” the Facebook user said.

“Sana naman magawan ng aksyon ‘tong kumpanya na ‘to sa ginawa nila sa pinsan ko (I hope actions would be taken against the company for doing this to him),” she added.

The coins were even placed inside several small plastics.

In a phone call, Gatchalian told the Manila Bulletin he already met with the factory worker and a representative from the company, which was identified by the local government as Next Green Factory located in Barangay Canumay West.

The mayor said that the worker believed that what happened was done “intentionally” as a form of “retribution” as the latter kept on pointing out the unfair labor practices allegedly committed inside their factory, including underpayment and lack of government benefits and night differential pay.

“So when he complained, the owner did this as a retribution,” Gatchalian said. “In fact, when he received the money, he was even told that that was his salary.”

The worker tried to return the money but the company’s management refused to accept it, Gatchalian said.

The mayor said the company’s representative denied the accusation and said that the coins were given accidentally. It was actually for a donation.

Gatchalian said he is set to meet on Wednesday the worker to discuss the matter. He added that he would not hesitate to suspend the company’s business permit should the alleged unfair labor practices inside the factory are proven to be true.

Sources also said Gatchalian warned the company that he might ask the owner to pick the coins one by one from nearby Valenzuela City Police Station to Valenzuela City Hall as a form of punishment.

“Ang manggagawa hindi dapat ginaganyan, hindi dapat kinakawawa (We should not treat workers that way),” the mayor said.

“There’s dignity in working. There’s dignity in getting paid. He worked hard for that so it should not come in that form,” he added.