5 tips to invite pollinators to your garden

Aside from bringing life to nature, butterflies, bees, and other pollinators play an essential role in keeping plants thriving.

Some plants only attract certain types of pollinators, but others attract them all. 

Pollination takes place when pollen is carried from a flower’s stamen (male reproductive part) to the pistil (female reproductive part) of the same species. This can happen when pollen is blown by the wind, moved by water, or is extracted by pollinators. Some plants also pollinate by themselves. Pollination can be performed by hand, too. 

Photo by Rodolpho Zanardo from Pexels.

Here are some tips that can invite more pollinators to a garden: 

Choose native plants. Planting native plants in the garden is the safest way to attract pollinators since they both match the local growing conditions. And because some non-native species do not produce adequate amounts of pollen or nectar (and are sometimes inedible), going for native plants is a good way to draw more pollinators in the garden. 

Consider plant color. Get the attention of pollinators based on their color preferences. For instance, orange, white, and yellow are colors that butterflies love. While bees like yellow, blue, and purple flowers, plus those with a sweet scent. 

Flower shape and size. Aside from color, shapes and sizes are also something to consider when choosing flowers. Small flowers are for bees and moths, while those open, medium-sized ones are fit for butterflies since they need to alight so they can eat. 

Give pollinators a drink. Like plants, pollinators need water, too. Help them out by setting a small basin or a shallow pond where they can have a drink or bath. 

Stand by. Inviting pollinator friends may take time. In the meantime, give the garden the proper care it needs. 

In general, cultivate plant varieties that are in bloom most of the time. Avoid synthetic fertilizers that may harm or kill pollinators. Raising various pollinator-friendly plants in the garden will also help invite different pollinators.  

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