We did not breach health protocols — Perlas skipper Jem Ferrer

Published June 28, 2021, 8:01 PM

by Kristel Satumbaga-Villar

Photo from Perlas Spikers’ Facebook page

Professional volleyball club team Perlas Spikers said Monday the squad did not breach any health protocols while in bubble training in Baguio City following reports that team members tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement, the club said they had been adhering to health and training guidelines since setting up camp last May 30.

They also clarified reports that those who tested positive of the virus were seven players and one coach, not eight players as earlier reported.

“As a sign of respect and gratitude to the people of Baguio, the Perlas Spikers followed every single protocol,” the statement read.

“Not one went anywhere other than where we were staying and our training venue, riding the bus provided by the LGU (local government unit) in between.”

Team captain Jem Ferrer also clarified rumors about players sneaking out of Teacher’s Camp, saying that they are not billeted in the same venue in the first place.

“That is 1,000 percent not true because number one, we are not staying there, and number two, in our accommodation there is a CCTV that monitors us 24/7 and that can prove that we do not go out of our gates except for court training and gym training,” Ferrer said.

Ferrer assured that the remaining players and coaches who tested negative are all well, while those who contracted the virus are already in the quarantine facility for recovery.

While training was suspended, the team thanked the local government of Baguio City for helping them set up the camp as they prepare for the upcoming Premier Volleyball League Open Conference scheduled July 17.

“We plan to continue following the protocols set by the IATF (Inter-Agency Task Force), LGU and GAB (Games and Amusements Board) until our last day here in Baguio,” the statement read.

“And as always, we look forward to playing volleyball again.”