Donnalyn Bartolome warns netizens spreading fake news

Published June 27, 2021, 1:17 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Donnalyn Bartolome

Donnalyn Bartolome has lambasted a netizen who criticized her for purchase of a luxury car.

On Facebook, Donnalyn called out an online user who was spreading “fake news.”

The social media darling warned that if he won’t stop, she would take the case to court to teach him a lesson.

“I screenshot your comment, your face, where you work. I can find you and I will put you in your place,” she said.

The netizen said Donnalyn was “boastful” for flaunting her recent purchase of a high-end sports utility vehicle with a price range of P8 to 17 million.

The netizen also said how the actress-singer was able to afford the vehicle, adding that she allegedly neglected her grandmother. An online user was referring to an issue several years ago.

“For those confused, 2 years ago, a reckless YouTuber featured a distant relative, a lola, who I took care of and had my contact number to ask for help when she was struggling but chose to let an outsider use my name for attention so that her son talks to her again after her shortcomings,” she said.

But Donnalyn said that instead of taking them to court, she decided to forgive them.

“Though it cost me my reputation and also my mental health for 1 year,” she related. “That’s not why I’m triggered though, it’s the fact that because of what she (the lola) and the YouTuber did, her relationship with her son was permanently damaged. I couldn’t fix it until her last breath. This was painful to bear.”

“Kaya di ka dapat nakekeelam sa problema ng pamilya if you are not a part of it. Wag mo palalain,” she added. “No to fake news. Be a responsible viewer.”

Donnalyn also warned those who will write libelous articles about her or any member of her family.