Horizon Manila celebrates Araw ng Maynila with a Gift of Tomorrow

Published June 24, 2021, 7:00 AM

by Manila Bulletin

There are those times when the stars align, and the most perfect of gift ideas becomes a reality. For this year’s Araw ng Maynila, Horizon Manila wanted to give the city the best 2021 birthday gift it could conjure. For along with the rest of the country, it’s been a tough one year and three months for the city, it’s COVID response one of the bright spots on the horizon. And I use the word ‘horizon’ with purpose!

Manila City Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso with the Horizon Manila Proponent Jesusito “JR” Legaspi, Jr.

The Horizon Manila project is a 419-hectare, reclamation development that will rise from the waters of Manila Bay. It’s an exciting look into what the future of Manila holds, and highlights what adventurous urban planning can result in.  The project is also a testament to the manifestation of a fruitful partnership between local government and private companies in which a mutually agreeable future could be expected.

A scale model of the full Horizon Manila project was recently presented to Mayor Isko Moreno during a simple turnover ceremony. It was done without much fanfare or publicity because of the existing health restrictions. Only the key people were present, and it led to a private discussion between Mayor Isko Moreno, and Engineer JR Legaspi, the Proponent of Horizon Manila. It’s now proudly displayed in the Bulwagang Antonio Villegas at Manila’s City Hall.   The scale model is a truly breathtaking representation of the Manileño dream.

The Horizon Manila scale model was made by Luis Intia, and it took him approximately 90 days to complete. It’s done with a scale of 1:1000, and as mounted, the size of the scale model is 1.8m x 4m.

It’s a truly impressive scale model, a glimpse into the near future of possibility that’s part of Manila’s master plan of Tomorrow. For Mayor Isko Moreno, it’s a wonderful opportunity to show Manileños what the city’s future will look like. As for Horizon Manila, it’s an affirmation of the Mayor’s full support, one that the potential investors in the project will take heart from. Legaspi added “Horizon Manila delivered its scale model to Mayor Isko in the Manila City Hall, ahead of the celebration of The Araw ng Maynila, to show Manileños that there is something to which they can look forward – a bright future that awaits them in Horizon Manila, the City of Tomorrow. Around the world, Manila has been synonymous with The Philippines. And soon, Manila will be synonymous with  ‘world-class development’. Manila has always been a city for everyone – a city for all walks of life. Horizon Manila will be its extension. It will be a city of progress, a city of development, a city of sustainability. But, most of all, Horizon Manila will be a city for you”.

The master plan mirrors the character of Manila today, with multiple districts, 28 in total, that are all centered around a community space. More details about the features and special attractions of Horizon Manila are available in the company’s newly launched website, www.horizon-manila.com. Horizon Manila’s main office is located at 2F Legaspi building, 116 Aguirre St., Legazpi Village, Makati City. To learn more about Horizon Manila and the wonderful investment opportunities it presents, get in touch with the company through (02) 8529-9957 and  [email protected].