Here's your easy access to modern classics for your home

Published June 24, 2021, 3:29 PM

by Jules Vivas

International home decor store goes online, and makes the wonders of redecorating even more accessible

Phoenix work table and Edge mirror

The pandemic has accelerated our transition to the digital era. It has revolutionized the way companies and individuals operate. We have had to rethink how to approach life. To survive means we have to adapt and look farther into the future.

Innovation has to be part of the philosophy and DNA of any organization, so says corporate global executive and author of Digital Master Pearl Zhu. Among brands that have started to propel themselves into the new tomorrow, or what most call the new normal, is Crate and Barrel with its home pieces now available online at

There is greater attention into making living spaces more comfortable. Now and then, we apply several changes to the interior of our abode to update the style and make it more appealing. The front of mind in home improvements is to shop for new furnishings. Director of interior design at the furniture and decor e-tailer One Kings Lane, Becca Roderick explains that “houses have always fulfilled the role of sanctuary in our lives, but now more so than ever.”

Marin dinnerware and Hayden bedroom

Make your home brighter and more appealing with timeless classics from Crate and Barrels’ distinct variety of selections. There are furniture, houseware, accessories that supplement your living room, dining, kitchen, bedroom, home office, and all the corners of your home. For every style, there is a catalog. The combination of exquisitely designed classic furniture and ergonomically designed modern furniture gives any room a sophisticated and versatile image.

Among the many things we love from the current collection available online are the Phoenix work tables handcrafted from Brazilian telephone poles and Cavett’s mid-century-inspired living room collection, designed to look large yet cozy in tiny spaces. There are also the Italian design Curran design chairs in quilted oyster whose curved backs add grace to their geometric shapes and the Portuguese artisanal-designed Marin tableware that transports diners to the palate-pleasing charms of the European countryside, whether in historic haunts like Tuscany or the rambling vineyards of Provence or the hamlets of Milton-under-Wychwood or, yes, the farmhouses in unapologetically rural villages just north of Lisbon.

Nero dining table and Hatch barware

In psychology, rearranging fixtures and even replacing them altogether relates directly to one’s mood and creativity. The act allows you to hone and identify your aesthetic, helps you relax, and uplifts emotions. Having to spend most of our time in our dwelling is the biggest excuse to start changing up and trying a new layout. | SM Aura 09178895667 | SM Makati 09175833573 | SM Megamall 09178704796.