SERENDIPITY! Maxene Magalona reveals husband’s artwork made surprise cameo in her ad campaign

Published June 22, 2021, 10:31 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Some years ago, Maxene Magalona’s family – including her siblings and parents Pia Arroyo and late Master Rapper Francis Magalona, did an endorsement for a soft drink brand which they shot at a house in Makati City.

“I remember having so much fun with everyone at the shoot, working while spending quality time together. My Dad always loved cracking jokes and making us laugh, which made work so much more enjoyable,” she shared.

One day, someone tagged her in a throwback photo from the said shoot.

She immediately showed it to her husband, Rob Mananquil, relating that the location where they shot the endorsement was a house that belonged to one of their godparents in their wedding.

When Rob saw the photo, he turned to her and said, “The painting behind Pop (Francis) is one of my artworks.”

Maxene admitted her jaw dropped upon hearing it.

“I was so shocked. I’ve always been the type who believes in serendipity, and this just proved to me that God truly works in mysterious ways,” she related.

Since then, the couple decided to hang the painting in their living room so that they can be reminded that God brought them all together for a purpose.

“Sending all my love to my husband and family today on Father’s Day. Papa believed in the power of peace, and I do too. To quote one of his songs, ‘There won’t be peace on earth unless we live as one,'” she said. “Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, single Moms and pet parents! God bless you all.”