Mikka Padua, fashion entrepreneur of Seek the Uniq, passed away

Published June 22, 2021, 6:05 PM

by John Legaspi

Mikka Padua (Photo from Seek the Uniq)

After years of battling breast cancer, founder of lifestyle brand Seek the Uniq, Mikka Padua, passed away last June 20, 2021 at age 41. News about her demise is confirmed by a tribute post released by the brand on Instagram.

“It is with deep sorrow that we share that our beautiful, warm, and always inspiring commander-in-chic Mikka Padua has left us,” it posted. “Mikka didn’t always have a lot of words either, but where she had no words, she had a heart that was always full of courage… making even the smallest things beautiful, purposeful, and ‘uniq.’ She has left that legacy with us, always inspiring us to live our days with a courageous heart—and we intend to not disappoint her on our end.”

Among her friends and fashion colleagues, Mikka is known for being loving and a true fighter. She inspired many through her works, her beauty, and flair for style. The local fashion community and her loved ones mourn her loss and celebrate her life and legacy.

“Rest in fashion, Mikka,” fashion stylist Daryl Chang commented. “You’ll always be one of the few tastemakers that I always look forward to meeting—be it in person or your Seek the Uniq pop-ups. Thank you for the vision.”

“My style icon,” lifestyle personality Kelly Misa said. “I feel honored to have met you, Mikka. You were such an inspiration. I am completely heartbroken. Rest in peace.”

“To Mikka Padua, our lead dreamer and inspiration, thank you for believing in me right from the start,” said Seek The Uniq curator Nina Quintos. “I’ve learned so much from you and will always be grateful for letting me be a part of your tribe.”

Through an Instagram story, her husband Mitch Padua remembers his great wife with a photo and a caption that said, “Breakfast was our sacred time. Always a surprise tablescape while we exchange ideas and build on our dreams. I miss you so much, Mikka Padua.”

Weeks prior to her demise, Mikka shared on social media her latest condition. According to the post, she is dealing with “the most unique subtype the breast cancer realm has to offer,” the Triple Negative.

“Not once did I ever question the Lord why, only what,” Mikka said. “What do you want me to do with this? What message do you want me to convey? His response has always been the same. That he will reveal to me in due time.”

“Meanwhile, all I ask from Him is to give me joyful endurance. To endure this dreadful disease and still be my inspired self. To continue to create and never stop loving the people nearest and dearest to my heart.”

Rest now, Mikka.