Lacson: LP reaching out to him as 2022 bet is a work in progress

Published June 22, 2021, 12:37 PM

by Mario Casayuran

Being reached out by the Liberal Party (LP) to be one of the party’s presidential and vice presidential candidates in the 2022 national elections is a ‘’work in progress,’’ Senator Panfilo M. Lacson, an independent, on Tuesday, June 22 said.

‘’(It is) not the first time naman na may overture from the LP camp and all those times that I was approached, I have always responded with an open mind,’’ Lacson said in reaction to statement of Senator Francis ‘’Kiko’’ N. Pangilinan, LP president, that he is one of those being reached out by the 75-year-old party.

During a Zoom media interview this morning, Pangilinan said the LP is reaching out or about to reach out to Lacson and Senators Joel Villanueva and Nancy Binay and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno to be in its presidential and vice presidential slate.

‘’As far as the Liberal Party it is work in progress,’’ Lacson said.

‘’I guess it’s the scheduling and other factors kaya hindi pa inuupuan (They have yet to sit down and discuss it) – until the 1Sambayan Coalition emerged, with public pronouncements that tend to divide rather than unite,’’ he added.

Lacson was referring to former Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio who had stated that he does not favor Lacson being considered by ISambayan for its presidential slate because of his position on the controversial Anti-Terror Law (ATL).

The ATL was authored by Lacson in the Senate.