Piolo Pascual endorses Mr. M as National Artist, netizens react

Published June 21, 2021, 4:22 PM

by Neil Ramos

Piolo Pascual took advantage of the recent Father’s Day celebration to push for his “dad” Johnny “Mr. M” Manahan’s inclusion as National Artist.

Posting a photo of them together, Piolo noted how Mr. M was there “through all the ups and downs in my showbiz career” and how he considers him very much his “anchor.”

He related, “From the time I started doing workshops when I was a teenager, until I was launched as part of Star Circle back in ‘96… Mr M personally attended to all our needs and made sure we were equipped before he sent us out to reach for our dreams…”

The matinee idol also shared how Mr. M always allows “room for talks, sometimes scolding (which was for my good)… He’s not just a manager but more like a Father to most of us… I don’t think I’d have done things in my career without his help and guidance…”

Towards the end of his post, Piolo expressed desire to work with Mr. M again, writing, “Can’t wait to see us grinding again….”

He then added the hashtag #MrMforNationalArtist. 

Most of his followers lauded his effort to pay homage to his mentor.

There are a few, however, who articulated displeasure on his hastag.

Some of the comments:

“Sipsip much because wala ka sa ABS-CBN without him?”

“Why Nat’l artist? Because he made you and many of your contemporaries rich and famous? Far as I know it is not in the criteria Papa P…”

“Star builder, yes. Nat’l artist, no.”

What do you think?