These strong and empowered millennials honor their late fathers

Published June 20, 2021, 10:39 PM

by Denice Sy Munez

While many families gather together to celebrate their dads this Father’s Day month, this time can be a moment of reminiscence for others as they remember and honor their late fathers. No matter how long a period has passed since their dads have left them, these strong and empowered millennials share how a dad’s positive influence and impact in life never really goes away.

artwork by Ariana Maralit

Anna Mae Lamentillo, chairwoman of Build Build Build

Anna Mae Lamentillo with family (mom Nora, sister April, and late father Manuel Lamentillo)

Unlike other girls growing up, Anna Mae was never told fairy tales. She’s a powerful woman in a man’s world, all because of the mindset her dad had instilled in her since she was a child. “Girls need not be saved—they can be heroes, protagonists of their own stories.” She was taught to never allow herself to be inferior to men, and that women of all generations should know this by heart and live by it.

Working for the government while she was studying in law school, Anna Mae had struggled balancing her work and school. As a Harvard alumna, she recalls her last conversation with her dad Manuel Lamentillo to be about law school. He told her “I’m proud of you. But I hope Harvard is not an excuse not to finish law in UP (University of the Philippines). Babalik ka, diba (You’re coming home, right)?” Anna Mae laughed this off, and asked “Gusto mo ba (Do you want me to)?” to which her dad responded quite seriously, “Oo (Yes!).”

Anna Mae made it a point to never give up then. Despite the many times she wanted to take a break or quit school, “my dad never lost faith.” Whenever she felt inadequate, she would look back to her commitment to her father, and “in admitting that I was inferior—I worked harder to survive.”

Anna Mae’s message for her dad, “Hey, Pop. I owned up to my promise. WE finally graduated from law school.”

Jim Trinidad, president and general manager of Exodus Broadcasting Company

Jim Trinidad with late father Jimbo Trinidad

The biggest lesson Jim picked up from his dad is about what it means to be human. Jim shares his dad taught him that “the measure of a man is not how he projects himself. Instead, the measure of a man is how he cares for his family and relates to others.”

Although he had the wealth and the means, being simple, humble, and selfless is what his dad Jimbo Trinidad had demonstrated throughout his life on earth. Always choosing to share his blessings and be kind to others, amid an era where everything is fast-paced and transactional. Jim’s dad always prioritized healthy and true relationships above all.

“He has inspired me to stop, take a minute to really listen, and connect with others on a deeper level” His dad’s soft-spoken and relatable nature enabled him to establish good, long-lasting relationship with people from all walks of life which is a quality and value that Jim continues to practice today.

“I’ve witnessed that it is only then that we can truly appreciate a relationship for what it really is—mutually nurturing and fulfilling.” And in doing so, has helped Jim build and sustain healthy networks in both his personal and professional life.

Jim’s message for his dad: “Dad, thank you for showing me what it means to be a man, a friend, a brother, a father, and a husband the way the Lord has intended. I know you are in a better place now enjoying the fullness of eternal life in Heaven with our Lord. You are gone but not forgotten. Missing you dearly. Love you, Dad.”

Alynna Asistio, Entrepreneur, engagement and wedding ring specialist at Radiant Jewelry and actress

Alynna Asistio with late father, Mayor “Boy” Asistio

“Treat each and every person equally, and be kind to everyone,” is an advice from the late Mayor Macario “Boy” Asistio that has recurrently resonated with Alynna. Not everyone is born into privilege, thus anyone who is less fortunate could always benefit from some aid.

She describes her father as always one for the people. Being a politician, “he never stopped helping other people, in big or small ways,” even after retiring from public office. “He had a beautiful and soft heart of giving,” and it’s his generosity that has inspired Alynna and her family to always share their blessings whenever they can.

Alynna’s message for her dad: “Happy Father’s Day in heaven, Daddy! Even if you aren’t with us physically, you will forever be in my heart. I thank God for giving me a father like you and I will never forget everything you taught me and every moment we spent together. I love you with all my heart!”

Marianne Hermano, relationship manager of Global Ecozone Segment Corp Banking Group

Marianne Hermano with her late Tatay

Expressing gratitude is something Marianne never forgets to do every day, because of what her dad had instilled in her. A fond memory she has of her Tatay, who passed away in 2002, is their daily breakfast together. Her dad placed huge importance in finishing food that was served on their plates. While it’s true that consuming any leftovers won’t necessarily feed starving children, it’s still a relevant sign of blessing that not everyone enjoys.

Marianne adds that playing chess with her dad around the time when he was diagnosed with kidney failure is a recollection she flashes back to whenever she feels burdened by the challenges of life. According to her, “He had a unique way of teaching us the value of perseverance,” as he introduced different ways of “creating strategies and developing patience,” as well as being ready once, “the next opportunity to seal the win” arises. All through chess!

Marianne’s message for her dad: “Dear Tatay, Happy Father’s Day! You are still the number one and the only man in my life… hehe… as of now. You know what, Tay, I am already working in a bank handling corporate accounts. I was able to invest in a house and buy myself a car. Your princess has grown into a responsible woman. Don’t worry about Nanay. I make sure that Nanay is well taken care of. She is healthy and happy. In Provebs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he

should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Tay, thank you so much that you have trained us early in life, so that when I need to stand up on my own, I am ready. I hope you are looking down on us from heaven with a big smile. Tay, I may not see you anymore, but you are always in my heart.”