The small things fathers do that make them memorable

Published June 20, 2021, 3:38 AM

by Betheena Unite

More than being stiffly called the provider and protector of the family, fathers actually play the roles as their children’s real-life hero, role model, and a reliable support system.

While fathers ultimately play a huge part in their son’s and daughter’s lives, it is usually the constant small things they do that make them memorable.

Bringing home books

Just like the story of Jerome Vitug, a young book author, who considers his father, Herminio, 59, as his real-life hero who became a crucial piece of his success as an author today.

“Nang dahil sa tatay ko, kaya ako nahilig magbasa. Kasi mahilig siyang mag-uwi ng books kahit luma at gamit na mula sa amo niya sa trabaho (My dad was the reason behind my love for books because he used to bring home old and pre-loved books from his work),” Jerome recalled.  

“’Di kasi kami makabili dati ng mga legit books tsaka magazine tulad ng KZone. Dahil sa tiyaga ng tatay kong mag-uwi, nakakapagbasa ako ng mga Dr. Seuss, children’s storybook, coloring and activity book, KZone, kahit yung mga car magazine (We had no means to buy books and magazines like KZone before. But because of my father’s perseverance to bring home those books, I was able to read Dr. Seuss, children’s storybooks, coloring and activity books, KZone and even car magazines),” he said.

“Now, I have my own published books,” he said.  

Selfie Buddy

When the technology to take unlimited photos was not yet in the imagination, a father from Marikina was already into capturing moments on camera even though each photo would cost much. But to him, it was about immortalizing memories with his daughter.

Hindi pa nauuso ang selfie, mayroon na akong selfie buddy (I already had a selfie buddy long before selfie became a thing,” Charina Echaluce, a journalist and a book author shared.  

Despite having limited shots in a camera back in the day, Charina’s father, Ric, would take photos of his daughter. “He did not need special occasions, he just kept on capturing every moment.”

Ngayong malaki na ako, alam ko na kung bakit ganoon kahalaga sa kanya ang pag-capture ng moments. Kung kaya lang ng ating mga ama na pahintuin ang oras sa panahong ang ating buong mundo ay nasa kanilang mga bisig pa, patitigilin at patitigilin nila ito (Now that I’m an adult, I now realize why capturing moments mattered to him. If our dads can only stop time and stay at the times when we were still in their arms, they would do everything to stay in that moment),” she said.

Silent solace

For Deborah Dumlao, a content writer, her father Daniel, 62, has always been her comfort, someone who can make her feel better even with his little gestures, few words, and mostly, his silence.

“I never shared my problems with him while I was growing up, but he always managed to make me feel better just by doing little things,” Deborah said.

“One night while I was on my way home right after a break-up, he was at his regular spot, near the drugstore waiting for me to come home,” she recalled.

“I wanted to cry deep inside after seeing him because I realized that somebody will always be there no matter what the world throws at me and that brought me comfort. No words, just his actions and his pure love.”

Role model

“My father taught me to be a good father,” Martin Antang, an entrepreneur, shared as he looked back on how his father, Diosdado, was his go-to back up while growing up.

“He is my no. 1 fan, supporter, guide, leader, and teacher. Because of him I learned how to be tough in life, how to withstand challenges, how to love my wife unconditionally, and to be a good person and father. I am the happiest and proudest that he is my father,” he said.

It is the same story for Moy Laddaran, a humanitarian worker. His father, Benjamin, 80, introduced him to a lot of things in life — from eating banana with rice to Bee Gees and  Sean Connery His father was also his biggest influence.

Tinuruan niya akong tunay na magpatawad, wala yatang hindi kayang unawain at intindihin ang tatay ko (He taught me how to truly forgive. I think there’s nothing my dad can’t understand),” Moy said.

The stories of these five young people say much about the love that fathers have showered on their children, and the lessons that had guided them to become what they are today.

That’s why we pause to pay tribute to all fathers on Father’s Day.