The best cars for fathers

Published June 19, 2021, 10:30 PM

by Inigo Roces

As we celebrate Father’s Day this year, we show our appreciation for the heads of the family. A lot rests on a father’s shoulders, especially when it comes to mobilizing the family.

Typically the default driver whether it’s short trips within the city, or to farther off places out of town, many families can rest assured they’ll reach their destination safely with Dad behind the wheel.

What wheel that is can be anything from a wide variety of choices these days. There are many cars available now with features designed to make the chore of driving and the time on the road more enjoyable and relaxing. We’ll go over some of the best vehicles for fathers and the many features they offer to make it worthwhile for the family.


Long since a staple choice among families, the sedan continues to be a relevant choice today. With its accessible body style, the sedan still offers the right mix of ease of driving, comfort, and cargo space. Sedans today are among the most feature-packed of all vehicles in the market.

They often come with the most fuel-efficient engines. In fact, majority of the hybrid vehicles on offer are in sedan form, allowing families to truly go further while using less fuel and emitting less carbon dioxide. Besides the green streak, they also come with more modern driver aids like lane-keeping assist, forward collision warning, and a variety of cameras and sensors around the body to warn of nearby vehicles and obstacles. One perfect example of such a modern sedan is Toyota’s Corolla Hybrid, designed to look and feel like a conventional Corolla with the efficiency and technology of a modern vehicle.


For larger families or those that can’t live without a few key items, larger and more versatile vehicles like Multi-Passenger Vehicles (MPV) are a good choice.

These vehicles, which easily seat seven passengers, truly live up to the “Multi” in their name. Many take inspiration from modern SUVs with a rugged look and similar versatility. Don’t have seven in your family? Simply fold down a few seats to make room for more cargo. They also work well when all seats are filled, sure to pamper passengers with air conditioning vents, power sockets, and cupholders in each row.

Best of all, MPVs are designed to do truly everything. Their station wagon form and high ground clearance make them a great choice for bringing kids to school or taking the family out of town for a weekend adventure. One perfect example is the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross, which comes with rugged SUV-style trim, but is still as easy to drive as a sedan.


For the more adventurous dads out there, there’s no better choice than the SUV. Their high ground clearance, cargo capacity, and more rugged design make them overqualified for any errand, and suitable for weekend exploits like sports, camping, or long drives.

These days, it’s easy to customize an SUV to suit your favorite hobby, thanks to numerous accessories that can be bolted on to its roof rails. Easily fit awnings or rooftop tents for camping, attach a bike rack for a weekend ride. There’s also the roof basket to fit even more bags for an out-of-town trip with the family.

One perfect example is the new Suzuki Vitara AllGrip which adds four-wheel drive to the already versatile package. This lets the car access even more isolated but scenic campsites, more challenging cycling trails, or drive through tougher conditions for a truly memorable getaway.


There are some fathers who want to give their family the world. For those dads, we recommend the pickup. What better vehicle to keep your promises with than something that can brave floods, mud, and some of the most challenging road conditions in the country?

Besides the terrain-conquering ability, the truck bed behind the cabin lets dads surprise their kids by bringing home an authentic bahay-kubo for the backyard, an ATV or mountain bikes for the active set, or new appliances for mom.

One perfect example is the Nissan Navara Pro-4X, which includes all you’ll ever need in a pickup truck. It comes with Intelligent Mobility features that make it even easier to drive in the city and off-road.

Dads will stop at nothing to get the best for their families. Thankfully, there are many vehicles equipped to help them achieve that dream.