Devon Seron’s sister poking fun at Kiko Estrada, Heaven Peralejo?

Published June 19, 2021, 12:08 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Devon Seron’s sister is at it again.

Or so it seems.

Chriselda Seron recently took to social media to post the line, “Binuking mo naman kuya (face with tears of joy emoji) wag ganun…”

Though no name was mentioned, netizens are convinced it is connected to the recent sighting of Kiko Estrada and Heaven Peralejo in Boracay.

The photo was uploaded on social media by a tour guide there.

He wrote as caption, “Hellow Ma’am HEAVEN PERALEJO hope you Enjoy yung Tour natin:) insert Sir Kiko Estrada…”

Only a few days ago, Chriselda also posted telling quotes on social media following Heaven and Kiko’s Boracay photos going viral.

Kiko and Devon ended their relationship as caused supposedly by Heaven.

As of writing, Heaven and Kiko are yet to release a statement about the real score between them.