What Richard Yap learned amid the ongoing pandemic

Published June 18, 2021, 6:21 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

If there’s anything that the pandemic taught Richard Yap as a father, it’s the importance of time well spent with loved ones.

Note the actor-model-businessman actually battled COVID-19 for months.

Richard shared that being isolated from his family made him realize how fleeting time is.

He shared, “I realized that what the kids will always remember talaga is the time you spent with them. ‘Yung mga gamit na binibigay mo pwede nila makalimutan pero yung oras na binibigay mo sa kanila yun ang hindi nila makakalimutan talaga.”

So how does he juggle his time now busy as he is with so many things?

According to Richard, he has since made a conscious effort to arrange his schedule in a way that he could spend more time with his kids.

“As much as possible pag weekends we are always together. I make sure na makabawi ako sa mga oras na wala ako sa tabi nila.”

He finds happiness sharing their milestones.

“Even the little things, I celebrate that. Everything that they’ve accomplished.”