Keep up the traffic on your website with these types of content

Published June 18, 2021, 4:35 PM

by Len Amadora

Thumb-stopping content is king and GoDaddy helps you create and curate them easily

So you’ve created a business website to showcase the credibility of your business and establish your online presence. How do you pull in visitors?

Beyond sharing updates around restocks and promotions, regularly updating your website with fresh content engages and encourages potential customers to check back in.

“Keeping your website updated doesn’t have to take a lot of time or entail a lot of cost. To help your website gain traffic and increase awareness around your brand, it’s important to create fresh content that is relevant and engaging,” said Norman Barrientos, GoDaddy Director of Marketing for Southeast Asia.

GoDaddy, the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs around the world, shares four types of content you can develop to help your website stay fresh and help drive traffic to gain traction for your business.

User-Generated Content

Satisfied customers are often enthusiastic about sharing photos of their latest purchases across their social media pages and tagging the businesses. Content that is generated by customers of your products and services can help to inspire others to make purchases from your business. Collate customer-posted photos, and then ask your customers for their permission to share them on your own online assets.

User-generated content can be impactful. While its use often does not require as much production effort, this type of content can serve as customer testimonials for your products and services. You can post them on your website based on similar themes, product category, or product use examples.

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How-To Videos

People are very visual, so creating videos that show how to use your products, how to place orders, and how your products are made, can be engaging content for visitors and can help to benefit your website. How-To Videos are useful content for showcasing your products in your own words, and depending on how you edit and package them, can also be fun and novel.

Videos don’t need to be super polished or long. In today’s age, short-form videos with eye-catching elements or a unique aesthetic, can go a long way in encouraging people to visit your website and enticing new customers to try your products.

Blog Posts and Relevant Articles

Gone are the days when blog posts were simply an online journal. Blog posts today can be a great way for you to communicate with your audiences on a deeper level your knowledge of your sector and your passion for your business. Make your website content engaging and relevant by regularly posting blog article updates on what your brand stands for, changes in the way you work and support your customers, or how you operate as you shift to a more environmentally-sustainable business model, for example. Sharing articles from reputable websites that are relevant to your business, can also help customers better understand the value that your products and services provide.

Holiday-Themed Content

From a themed photoset, to a combination of relevant videos and blog posts, strategically creating and curating holiday-themed content can keep your business relevant and in your customers’ minds especially around holidays—when people are often likely to make purchases. Your website can highlight such areas as: themed products, special holiday promotions, and expedited shipping methods.

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