On a tight budget? This latest deal gives you a 'meal now and a snack later'

Published June 16, 2021, 4:41 PM

by John Legaspi

Here’s what you’re getting

KFC’s Zinger sandwich

While many Filipinos are now having their vaccine shots, as getting back to our pre-pandemic lives is still a far sight, though still achievable. Truly, the pandemic has drastically changed how we live, study, and work. That’s why the goal of everyone today is to optimize the use of time and money while maximizing productivity.

This inspired KFC to launch the Chicken and Zinger Fill-Up—a meal now and a snack later! The home of the world-famous Colonel-inspired chicken brings a double treat that consumers can enjoy all-day in the comforts of their home. The bundle is composed of the brand’s Original Recipe Chicken with Rice, a Zinger Sandwich, and Regular Fries! Consumers also get P77 savings as the KFC Fill-Up bundle only costs P160.

The Chicken and Zinger Fill-up meal

“By getting two meals that they can consume one for now and the other for later, customers only need to order once, allowing them to concentrate and focus on their tasks for the day,” the brand says.