Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck caught on cam kissing at PDA-packed dinner

Published June 15, 2021, 11:10 AM

by Neil Ramos

It looks as if the two are now ready to let the world know that they have indeed reignited their romance as previously reported.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were photographed kissing for the first time over the weekend in Malibu.

It is the first time that the couple openly engaged in some PDA after being rumored to have found love in each other’s arms anew last April.

In the series of photos now available online, Jennifer could be seen pulling Ben in close as he moves in for a kiss.

There’s also a shot of Jennifer touching Ben’s face lovingly as he nuzzled her neck.

The couple were engaged in 2002 but their romance eventually fizzled and they never walked down the aisle.

Love bloomed for the second time around for them just weeks after Jennifer and Alex Rodriguez announced their separation.