Claudia Barretto levels up, focuses on music

Published June 15, 2021, 11:07 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Claudia Barretto

Claudia Barretto has levelled up.

Not that the talented young Barretto hasn’t been acing it in the past, but this time around, there’s clear intent to be better at the things she really wants to focus on.

That includes her music. And the release of her debut single with Viva Records titled “Nothing To Do” is just the start.

“I spent the past few months collaborating with artists in the studio, writing songs and just being focused and finding the flow.” Claudia has likened the past few months as levelling up.

“It’s just about the way I see things now. I used to be insecure about my music. I was always very hard on myself, because obviously I wanted to produce good work. But what really changed is just this desire to get better. My mindset changed. It became like, if there are things I want to improve on, if there are things I want to get better at, If I really wanted to pursue this career in making music, then I really should put in the work,” Claudia explained.

The Zen-like focus on self and discipline has paid off for Claudia, who also shared that her improved mindset was critical in arriving at the first song she’s releasing with her new label.

Claudia shared that she spent a lot of time in the studio during the lockdowns and that’s where she went to work on her songs. There she’d bump onto other working music artists. One of them was Mito Fabie, a.k.a. Curtis Smith.

“I was at the studio messing around with my song and he was doing his, and then one time just about we were about to call it a day, as in literally, 5 minutes before leaving, my brother-in-law Xavi Panlilio who is a producer just played us this song (the beats and the initial instrumentation for ‘Nothing To do’). I asked him what song it is and he said it was something he was still working on. And I just connected with it and Mito did too,” Claudia shared.  “We worked on the lyrics on the spot for like ten minutes and did three takes of the songs and we had it,” Claudia said beaming.

The grooving, vibe-y new song is right down Claudia alley of midtempo styled R&B. “The song is about being with the right person when you have nothing to do, essentially” Mito Fabie is featured on the song too, sharing verses with Claudia.

“Not all songs work out that way of course, but “Nothing To Do” was one of those songs.”

Those around Claudia are excited for her as well. Her new label is all-out support for the young singer-songwriter. “We can feel Claudia’s enthusiasm is extending beyond the studio and into getting behind her songs,” said an executive, “she even made a “Nothing To Do” Spotify playlist to tease the release of her single.’ And it’s those little things that make the difference for us. She’s not going doing this because she feels entitled. We feel that Claudia is genuine music artist capable of great things and we will support her in that.”

“You should be receptive to constructive criticisms. If you are receptive you could find ways to improve,” said Claudia ruminating the start of her new journey as a music creative, adding “when I said (I will level up) I meant that in all aspects. It meant that I am also building my confidence and that changed that way I see my work. And now it just made me more excited. And now I feel I have so much space to grow.”

Claudia Barretto’s Viva Records debut titled “Nothing To Do” was released on June 18 on all music streaming platforms. Its music video premiered on the Viva Records YouTube Channel on the same day.

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Posted by Viva Records on Monday, June 14, 2021