Two young boys among three killed in Rome shooting

Published June 14, 2021, 7:03 AM

by Agence-France-Presse

ROME, Italy – A man shot and killed two children playing outside their home as well as an elderly man in a town near Rome Sunday before apparently committing suicide, officials and media said.

A forensic expert walks past the body of one of the victims of a shooting in the Colle Romito consortium in Ardea, south of Rome on June 13, 2021. The man, who allegedly shot two young brothers and an elderly man who was passing by bicycle this morning in Ardea, has been barricaded for more than three hours before he was found to have committed suicide. CLAUDIO PERI / ANSA / AFP

Local mayor Mario Savarese said the gunman and the victims — reported to be two brothers aged five and 10, and an 84-year-old man — were from the same housing development in Ardea, where the tragedy unfolded.

The shooter holed up in a nearby apartment for three hours as negotiators tried to persuade him to come out.

Armed officers finally forced their way in and found his lifeless body, the Ansa news agency said.

Eyewitness accounts to Italian media suggest he had previously suffered mental health problems. He appeared to be shooting randomly when he hit the boys playing in a park and a man cycling past.

Alessio D’Amato, health commissioner for the local region of Lazio, confirmed the deaths of the children after they were taken to hospital.

“I have just received a telephone call I would never have wanted to have,” he said in a statement.

He added: “I am deeply shocked by what happened and express all my regret and my heartfelt condolences to the family and the entire Ardea community, which today is in terrible mourning for this tragedy.”