My doctor, my hero: Saluting the warriors of this crisis

Published June 14, 2021, 2:00 PM

by Dr. Kaycee Reyes

SUPPORT OUR FRONTLINERS Health workers embracing one another as they cope with the stress from the global pandemic (Photo from AFP)

We all have heard, learned, and studied about pandemics before, but who knew it would happen in our lifetime? We have been fighting this deadly disease for the past year and a half and, to me, our doctors are the soldiers and the true heroes of this unprecedented health crisis.

I salute my fellow doctors who treat and provide care for their patients tirelessly, day in and day out. I know and I have seen firsthand the bravery, the commitment, and the sacrifices they have made. But I also want to acknowledge those who fight the virus in other ways. Says my friend, rheumatologist Dr. Ging Zamora, “a doctor need not solely be in the frontlines in this global fight against the virus. Aside from those actively treating patients with COVID-19 in the hospitals, our medical heroes are also the people behind the scenes.” She also includes those that are involved in research, those that make positive changes through public health, our medical educators, and also those who share correct and timely information to their patients or online as heroes in this crisis. And I couldn’t agree more.

Dr. Ging Zamora (Photo by Israel Espejo Vidal)

The silver lining in all of this is we are learning a lot of things beyond the virus. There was a shift in focus toward health and wellness this time around. We have not only learned to navigate the new normal, but we have also learned to appreciate what we have, we have learned to nurture our personal relationships at home, and ironically, we are connecting to others more than ever before through virtual exchanges.

While we may be seeing an end to the pandemic soon with vaccines already available, may we continue to apply what the doctors and medical professionals repeatedly say. According to Drs. Arnel and Romeo Nuguid, “let us just try to be a little more patient in our wait, and to continue to do our part in the meantime to follow safety protocols, to stay healthy and well.” After all, it is only with a concerted effort that we can beat this virus.

TWIN DOCTORS Romeo and Arnel Nuguid

With this I would like to share my utmost gratitude to my colleagues and to the rest of the doctors and health care workers here and abroad for all their efforts and for going above and beyond their call of duty. I also salute those who succumbed to the virus. Your sacrifices will never be forgotten. To me, to your patients, and to the rest of the world, you are heroes.